MP4 Projectors?

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Re: MP4 Projectors?

Postby Ultra3001 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:22 am

From reading up on reviews and other forums the picture quality won't be that 1080p blu-ray quality, but it will still be semi-hd. Portable projectors are on their way of becoming just as powerful as non-portable projectors, it's only a matter of time.

My m2 actually came in so I decided to give it a test run!

The size of the unit is definitely portable/travel sized. It could fit in the palm of my hand and weighed in at less than a pound. The exterior was a nice glossy black, made with a durable plastic. The black gloss may look nice, but it does invite fingerprints and grease marks, but a quick wipe down cleans that problem right up. The buttons on the actual device come in handy, but if you have bigger fingers, like me, you'll end up pressing a few buttons at once. It comes with a remote that doesn't have the best range, but it still comes of use. Aaxa tech is very kind by giving a slew of accessories. It comes with of course the m2 & power source, a travel bag, tripod, rca cable, usb adapter, vga cable, and the remote. The inputs are just as varied with: usb, sd card, hdmi, vga, headphone, and a/v. You can even purchase additional cables that allow you to connect the m2 with a Iphone/Ipad, psp, or zune.
The picture quality was actually quite impressive. In low light I was able to produce 80" images and in the dark I could push it past 100"! So it lives up to the statement of creating images greater than 100". The colors became more and more vivid, the darker the room became. Even with lights on the image quality was still great. The color vibrancy decreased a little bit, but nothing to complain about. Even text close up looked sharp and very readable.
The fan can become extremely noisy but the remedy of that problem is external speakers.

Pros: Superb picture quality, Lives up to image size scale, portable/light, multiple inputs.
Cons: attracts fingerprints & grease, noisy fan, remote has a sub par range, buttons can be difficult to press.

Overall, the m2 has a great deal of benefits with only a few shortcomings, which would garner the approval of the savviest business mogul and entertainment guru. :)

Here are some pictures!

[attachment=6:wxt9loi8]imgr_ 041.jpg[/attachment:wxt9loi8]
[attachment=4:wxt9loi8]imgr_ 044.jpg[/attachment:wxt9loi8]
[attachment=3:wxt9loi8]img 031.jpg[/attachment:wxt9loi8]
[attachment=2:wxt9loi8]imgr_ 020.jpg[/attachment:wxt9loi8]
[attachment=1:wxt9loi8]imgr_ 023.jpg[/attachment:wxt9loi8]
[attachment=0:wxt9loi8]img 008.jpg[/attachment:wxt9loi8]

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Re: MP4 Projectors?

Postby The Warrior Poet » Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:05 am

Nice Ultra3001. I'll get one, one of these days.

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Re: MP4 Projectors?

Postby Ultra3001 » Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:36 am

Hey guys, I was looking around RetailMeNot for some other black friday codes and I found some new ones for aaxa tech. They are pretty good, lets hope they are still active.

P1JRBF2010 - $10 off the P1 Jr.
M1UBF2010 - $20 off the M1 Ultimate
M2BF2010 - $25 off the M2

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Re: MP4 Projectors?

Postby smmwt » Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:29 am

wow I'm pretty impressed.
What are good brands for regular sized projectors at a good price? Everything seems to always be either over priced or really low quallity, I have hard time finding an in between.

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Re: MP4 Projectors?

Postby Raz » Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:42 pm

That's actually very impressive quality, i guess these small projectors are improving, i remember seeing some in action before and they were not that impressive.

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