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Brainwavz S5 IEM Noise Isolating Earphones with Clearwavz Remote and Microphone - Free Fedex 2 Day To Select Destinations

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Product Description:

The Brainwavz S5 are dynamic driver based earphones fitted into a sleek all-metal housing with their speakers tuned for a balanced, detailed sound with a smooth bass. They are designed to be worn over the ear for professional grade fit and better sound isolation. The over- the-ear design and flat cable allow the S5 to sit securely in your ears even during physical activities. The S5 are suitable for any genre of music.

The Clearwavz remote with microphone has been designed for use on Apple iOS products and uses a high precision MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System) silicon microphone, coupled with a three-button control, it enables users to

Note: 3 button remote & microphone function designed to be used on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. If used on other non iOS products the volume buttons may not work and other remote functionality may vary.



  • Balanced audio signature with smooth bass.
  • Clearwavz remote designed to work on Apple iPhone iPad and iPod, crafted with high precision MEMS microphone for high clarity, people will be able to hear you clearly.
  • All metal housing in a over the ear design with special finish to give a smooth, slick feel.
  • Flat cable for less tangle and easy to wear. The cables are made with high purity OFC copper wiring at its core.
  • Comply T-400 foam tips included. The best premium foam ear tips that can be found, provides for perfect seals and enhanced bass response.
  • Other included accessories: 6 pairs of silicone tips, 1 pair of Bi and 1 pair Tri-flange tips, hard carrying case to protect your earphones.


  • Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 10mm
  • Rated Impedance: 16ohms Closed Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW
  • Frequency range: 18Hz ~ 24kHz
  • Distortion: <= 0.3% @ 110dB
  • Channel balance: =< 1dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Rated input power: 20mW
  • Maximum input power: 40mW
  • Plug: 3.5 mm 45-degree gold plated
  • Cable length: 1.3 meters Y cord (CU/Ag) PUR
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions (Packaging): 160 x 135 x 38mm
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Gross Weight: 140g

*Included Accessories:

  • 1 x ComplyT-400 medium foam tips
  • 6 x Pair silicone tips (S/M/L)
  • 1 x Bi-Flange silicone tips
  • 1 x Tri-Flange silicone tips
  • 1 x 6.3mm audio adapter
  • 1 x Hard carrying case
  • 1 x Instruction manual & Warranty card

*The included accessories with this product can change at any time, as can the outer packaging design. The photographs of the packaging, and the list of included accessories, may not necessarily reflect what your package will look like or the accessories you will receive if the manufacturer decide to make a change. We will, however, do our best to keep this page up to date.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer BRAINWAVZ




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William Verified Buyer 06/12/15 06:33 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
Outstanding Value
  • I am not an audio engineer or guru, just a guy that loves music. The Brainwavz S5 are the best IEM's I have ever owned. The sound is nicely balanced, with very good detail without using an equalizer. They are not boomy or muddy sounding, for lack of a better description. The Brainwavz's come nicely packaged, with a storage case and a good selection of tips to choose from. They seem to be well built, they don't feel or look cheap, and are very comfortable even with hours of use. I like the soft, flat cables, they stay in place better when I loop them over my ears. These IEM's are well worth the price. Highly recommend.
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sabarna Verified Buyer 09/02/15 08:29 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
brainwavz solid updated their products
  • I have many in ear earphones i different priece range at least 50pairs of in ear earphones
    Logitech ultimate ue900
    Audio technica im02
    Sennhiers momentum in ear
    Vsonic gr07(bass edition)
    Creative aurvana3
    Sound magic e80 & e10
    Brainwavz r1
    Meelectronics a161p & m6pro
    Jbl snyros 200a
    Havi b3 pro2
    Moe ss01
    Shure 215
    Ostry kc06a
    And lot more
    And two portable amplifier
    Fiio e17 & brainwavz app01

    About this i bought this 6 months ago
    I review it after used it many times
    Supreme & comfort fit in ears like aurvana 3 & shure 215
    Flat cable is good also metal finish give it a final touch.
    About sound
    It has a great & balenced sound it is a good pair o set under 80 dollar
    Solidly updated than she 215
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vaziyetu Verified Buyer 04/08/15 06:45 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
some steps forward but still not a finish him...
  • god knows i hate the M series of brainwavz (i used M2-M4-M5) which have limited acoustics (soundstage) and small soundfield. before S series, there was only R1 for me to use from brainwavz but now things are a little different.

    compared to R1, here's the advantages of S5: it does not needs an amplifier to reach high volume/bass levels (at least not as the R1 and when used with a proper source). it has a more complete bass than R1. plus it's treble clarity is higher, like it's a lower version of R3. but only with 8khz reduction from your equalizer! i detected a ~10db increment on 8khz on this device, which ruins it all (imho), lowering it greatly helps to the clarity level. this situation reminded me the 2khz situation on the r1.

    and here's the disadvantages: S1-S5 do not sound big as R1 and R1's mid acoustic is a little wider. so R1 provides more instrumental detail. but overall, it's very hard not to choose S series to it. but the worst: S5's price is too high. yes mp4nation does some discounts from time to time but if you ask me, those discount prices should be the constant prices and we need even lower discount prices... cheaper is better! especially if there's serious competition. one more thing: the difference between S1 and S5 is too low. actually they're pretty much identical.

    a note about the 8khz situation: i only got S5 on my hand right now so i didn't tested S1 with this, but as i remember, the two were nearly identical as i said before, so i guess S1 will react the same but i can't say for sure. if S1 react like S5 to this, it'll get +2 stars from me :)

    a note about S1 vs S5 comparison: after i read the "smooth bass" advertisement on brainwavz site, i can say yes maybe there's a little bass difference between the devices. S5 hits a little softer. but it still has a powerful bass.

    hope these helps.
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Saad Verified Buyer 06/11/15 08:49 AM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
Excellent for the price
  • I am no audiophile or a reviewer so bare with me.

    I found the sound quality to be good, there was some
    distortion in highs on louder volumes.

    The build quality is also good, but does have some minor plastic mold uncut residues.

    The buds themselves fit nicely in the ear, with little to no irritation after long use. They do come with a host of additional ear tips.

    Isolation is good too, with little to no sound from the outside even when switched off.
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JinKiat Verified Buyer 04/04/15 01:54 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
Impressive IEMs for Electronic / J-Pop / Vocaloid music
  • First Looks: The Brainwavz S5 came in a retail box in the mail in less than 48 hours. Thumbs up for fuss-free packaging and beefy accessory pack. The metallic housing are pretty rare though - the glossy surface and flat cables adds to the illusion of having plastic housings instead.

    Build quality: Metal housings. What more could I say? On the other hand, the flat cables aren't for everyone. It's rather comfortable for me in either conventional fit (hanging) or over-the-ears.

    Comfort: For a person with wide ear canals (one that you could shine a flashlight and see the eardrums easily), the default silicone ear tips fit surprisingly well. Ditto for the double and triple flanged ear tips. However, using the foam ear tips becomes somewhat uncomfortable after 90 minutes of sustained use.

    Sound quality: The first impression of the S% is that it gave off a moderate V-shaped sound signature. While it meant that this pair of earphones aren't for true audiophiles, it's perfect for a discerning consumer wanting to step-up from budget IEMs. Sound quality was excellent (it would beat out competitors in the same price category, such as Klipsch), with the clarity throught the sound spectrum. Highs and mids are lively and felt like it gave a mild sense of 'airiness', and lows are well accentuated. Bass response was unexpectedly clean, but it sounded highly controlled (not the the point of 'subdued') and it punched through without crippling the mids or highs. Soundstage (sense of position of instruments) is excellent, perhaps the point of being too 'accurate', particularly with loud song tracks.

    Listening to Vocaloid and J-Pop songs was a joy - Mitchie M's ぶれないアイで (With an unwavering eye) sounded exceptionally vivid with no hints of synthesizer or percussion drowning out the vocals. Doriko's ballads sound like pure aura is flowing through the earphones, but it shines with ballads that consist of moderate to heavy percussion (Electric sheep or エトランゼ (Etranger)) over ones with none or minimal bass (歌に形はないけれど / Even though my song has no form). Likewise with J-pop songs: Yamazaki Masoyoshi’s One More Time, One More Chance (a low-key song) didn’t convey as much emotions with the instruments as much as Motohiro Hata’s Rain ( long ver., a relatively electronic-heavy song); rather, it allowed for the vocals to come through in low-key or acoustic songs, like the former.

    The S5’s high performance-to-dollar ratio is also seen in electronic and pop genres. Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and Bjork’s Vespertine sound great (particularly with the foam eartips). Despite thriving on high-quality tracks to best leverage on its bass and soundstage, I felt that using the S5’s for general usage is stellar- playing War Thunder sounded crisp without being boomy; and using it on Web-streamed media (YouTube, Crunchyroll) sounded smooth.

    The IEMs fell a little short of expectations on these genres: classical, concert and orchestra. Listening to Shostakovich’s Second Waltz had been confusing the saxophones and tubas on low chords. Joe Hisashi in Budokan’s concert sounded a little too cloying for me. That said it is head-and–shoulders over the earphones that I formerly possessed. Instrumental solos sounded decently clear though.

    Isolation: Moderate on the silicone eartips (flushes out background sound efficiently in a noisy office). High on the foam eartips (blocks out heavy traffic and car engine noise).

    Sibilance: None if worn over the ears. Noteworthy is that there is just a minor touch of sibilance if worn on a regular (hanging) basis.

    The Iffy: The flat cable is rather rubbery and tends not to slide over surfaces or clothing. Heavy Y-splitter could have housed a remote or clip to increase convenience. Requires minor EQ to improve clarity on classical music soundtracks.

    Equipment used with: A desktop computer with the Realtek ALC889 audio chip, Rockboxed Sansa Fuze+, Apple iPhone 5 and Sony Xperia Z3 (with ClearAudio enabled). Former earphones in the same price category compared are Klipsch Image S4’s and Sony XBA-C10IP’s.

    Anyone seeking to gain IEM sound quality without breaking the bank should shortlist the S5’s. The S5s go with anything electronic or pop. Consider others if you listen exclusively to orchestral or concert music.
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Stefano Verified Buyer 12/03/15 04:22 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
BEST BRAINWAVZ IN EAR GET THESE (if you have the money)
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nmatheis Verified Buyer 03/04/15 06:37 AM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
Good sound + rugged build
  • My first exposure to Brainwavz was with the S1 as, which I received as part of the Fiio X5 pre-order. When they arrived, I was impressed with the packaging and accessories - especially the really nice case. The S1 were a good bang for your buck IEM with a very rugged build.

    With Brainwavz on my radar, I started looking over reviews of the S series on Headfi. The S5 caught my attention as a more hi-fi big brother to the S1. It received plenty of good reviews, so I decided to give them a try and am glad I did. They take the S1's mild v-shape sound signature and improve on it with tighter bass and sparkly yet non-fatiguing upper end. S5 comes with a nice accessories kit - plenty of tips and that great Brainwavz case.

    Brainwavz wow-ed me again with the rugged yet attractive construction. These iem's are built to last! Looking at the S0, I think it'd be great if Brainwavz used the S0 cable with future S series products. To wrap up, I think these are great grab n go mid-fi IEMs with good sound and no worries about durability in your go bag.
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Roland Verified Buyer 24/02/15 04:35 AM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
S5 impress in sound but need to improve in looks
  • I have a m2 r1 earphones these are the best.. R1 take more power to drive and difficult to fit on the ears. S5 has good sound detail easy to drive. better than m2 And r1. Very satisfied sound quality. A tad weaker in the bass the rest are good. Do not like colour of the flat cable and the y split section is a big chunk plastic. A sporty outlook ear phone.
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Martin Verified Buyer 05/07/15 03:13 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
A little bit better S0
  • Overall the S5 is a better Version of the S0, with a bit more bass and an overall better performance.

    Mids are a bit recessed, highs and bass on the other hand do perform well- I can listen to this in-ear for long periods of time without any problems.
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CactusPete Verified Buyer 23/07/14 12:51 PM (GMT)
  • more than 3 year(s)
Branwavz S5
  • When I first put these in my ears, I though they were pretty good, but lacking some bass and a little symblance on cymbols... THEN, I switched to the large silicone ear tips! WOW! Lots of Bass and the Mids and Higs remained clear and clean. (IEM's need a good seal to produce good bass) I also have the B2's and would say that these rival the B2's with improved bass. Great sound! And very efficient. Loud at 50% volume on a Sansa Clip+. (= longer batter life) If sitting at home, you might want to reduce bass frequencies a few DB. but when out and about the slight extra bass disappears as it is needed to compete with background noise. Especially good on an airplane , bus, etc...
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