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Product Description:

BRAINWAVZ M3 features a new housing design to go along with exceptional clarity and balance across the lows, mids and highs, at a price that makes the competition sweat. The sound signature of the M3 is about balance, and offering great clarity without sacrificing punchy and accurate bass. With accurate sound reproduction, crisp and clear vocals with bass that won't disappoint, there really is no reason not to pick up the M3 earphones.

Like the other BRAINWAVZ models we want to offer you the BRAINWAVZ M3 at a price that you can walk away knowing you got a good deal for the money you paid.



  • Spacious, balanced sound
  • Great clarity amongst punchy, satisfying bass


  • Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 10.7mm
  • Rated Impedance: 20ohms
  • Sensitivity: 115dB at 1mW
  • Frequency range: 20 ~ 20000Hz
  • Distortion: <= 0.5% @ 94dB 20upa
  • Channel balance: =< 2dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Rated input power: 10mW
  • Maximum input power: 40mW
  • Plug: 3.5 mm 45-degree gold plated
  • Cable length: 1.3 meters Y cord (CU/Ag) PUR
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions (Packaging): 160 x 135 x 38mm
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Gross Weight: 132g

*Included Accessories:

  • 1 x Comply foam tips
  • 3 x Pairs of ear tips (S/M/L)
  • 1 x Shirt clip
  • 1 x Hard carrying case
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

*The included accessories with the BRAINWAVZ M3 can change at any time, as can the outer packaging design. The photographs of the packaging, and the list of included accessories, may not necessarily reflect what your package will look like or the accessories you will receive if the manufacturer decide to make a change. We will, however, do our best to keep this page up to date.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer BRAINWAVZ




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Anton 22/12/13 11:20 AM (GMT)
The excellence that's not fading
  • Using the M3 since May 2012 and that's my best purchase of any electronics ever. Every time I plug the headphones to player, phone or PC I sink into music.
    Yes, this review is a bit late (but experience of more than 1,5 years of usage), but the sound quality is as still impressive as the first time. This earphones have very wide music stage and perfectly balanced frequency range (though the bass level isn't for bassheads-it's soft and pleasant to match the overall sounding). Remember how I listened to all my music after M3 got warmed (about 3 weeks of moderate use) - that was the shock of ability to differentiate every single music instrument and hear additional notes that I hadn't suspected ever existed.
    The only complaint I had till last week - not so comfortable sitting, especially when running (they simply pop out). But last week accidentally found a photo of upside-down mounted earphones with cable sitting over the ears, tried with mine and it really works! There's the myth that metal housing is bad for winter - live in Russia and no troubles for the second winter, metall is warming from ears and there' no need in listening the music when it's less than -30C outside.
    P.S.: one thing that attracts even more to M3 over other M models is the fact that mp4nation doesn't offer M3 with microphones - additional unique factor for me)) And yea, I'm really sorry about people who spend more than 200$ in my country for the earphones of the same-level quality...
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Nyle 27/11/13 07:06 PM (GMT)
Amazing Sound and Comfort but bad build quality.
  • These are by far the best buds I have ever owned in terms of sound, design and the comfort. However they have a weak point in their build. I have gone through at least 2 of these [I want to say 3...def 2] and in both cases they broke where the chrome meets the black plastic. They appear to be held together by a weak glue and they simply fell apart. The first time it may have been my doing, i had them in my pocket and when pulling them out I felt it snag and I pulled too hard and they came apart. The second set though simple came apart in my hand. I pulled them out of my ear one day and boom they just came apart easy. Its very disappointing because I cant reiterate how much I like these buds aside from this one issue. Ive considered buying another pair but not sure if I want to invest another $80 in a pair that could break fairly quickly.
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Niklas 13/11/13 08:55 AM (GMT)
bang for buck
  • is what comes to my mind. Maybe the most neutral sounding IEM under 100€. You want to hear music as it was supposed to soudn by its artist for a reasonable price, go for this.
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tinnedpilchards Verified Buyer 13/09/13 03:10 AM (GMT)
  • more than 1 year(s)
Powerhouse IEMs (especially for the price)
  • The M3s are my first pair of IEMs and easily the best pair of earphones I’ve owned.

    Vocals comes through the mix clearly, and the M3 produces sweet mids, controlled bass, and great highs. Guitars come through beautifully (fans of the Manic Street Preachers / Queen / Led Zeppelin / The Beatles / BB King / Van Halen etc, you will not be disappointed).

    There’s an openness to the soundstage as if you’re there at the gig that allows you to lose yourself in the sound produced by these badboys.

    Overall, the warm signature and balanced mix allows for easy enjoyment of a variety of genres – from ’60s-surf rock to reggae, classical, ’80s-rock licks, and drum’n’bass and minimal.

    I’ve had mine for some 8 months now and love them. I quickly bought a pair for a friend and fellow music -lover as a birthday present.

    A superb pair of sonic companions, especially at this price!
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Artem Verified Buyer 20/05/13 08:34 AM (GMT)
  • more than 1 year(s)
very good choice!
  • The Brainwavz M2 are a nice sounding budget IEM which have a pleasing tone, fun bass impact, and good soundstage/image. They are not as accurate, fast or detailed as my balanced armature IEM or some of my dynamic IEM, but I also would not call them slow or veiled. Their biggest problem is with the slightly boosted bass that is somewhat less well controlled than I would like. They're not a giant killer and the sound is not perfect, but they don't do many things wrong - there are no big irritating peaks or troughs that would bother even the more discerning listeners. For those on a budget it would be well worth giving these consideration.
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KL 05/09/13 04:38 AM (GMT)
nice relaxing sound but a bit too pricey
  • The M3 looks quite different from the usual barrel shaped iems, they are indeed very nice looking and well built. They slot into my ear canal effortlessly, there is no need to make small adjustments to get a good seal and quite comfortable. Occasionally the back end of the earpiece will dig into the inside of my ear which can cause a little discomfort. You can of course wear them over-the-ear but that really depends on if the ear hooks work for you or not.

    I find them to be a little mid-centric as the bass and highs are slightly behind the mids. They have a smooth and warm tone, they also have a relaxed sound which is pleasing to the ears and I can see how they would appeal to a lot of people. I've had these for 2 years, but while they are nice enough, the competition has heated up, I think there are better options for $90.
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Alexey 03/06/13 11:22 PM (GMT)
  • отличные уши! жаль не долгий провод 32 недели( физкультура не для м3) рекомендую R1 !!!!
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VEYSEL 16/02/13 07:14 AM (GMT)
Just amazing!
  • I bought this product nearly a year ago when it was having a discount, I used all kinds of earphones till I buy this, there were senheiser, sony, koss ones but none of them was the one I really enjoyed.But this...this earphone is the best thing I've seen for me, fits every kind of music, enough bass, enough treble clean and quality sound, and only giving sound to u-not disturbing anyone with really nice,and awesome with especially rock, speed metal and other fast genres.

    And trust mp4nation, I bought it from Turkey it came here maybe 2 weeks later but I did not have any problem.Highly recommended, this product and this site, you can buy with ease
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Julio 13/02/13 12:22 PM (GMT)
Lo mejor por el precio
  • Comodos, economicos y de un sonido notable, tal vez sean un poco feos, pero en realidad eso no importa nada
Was this review helpful?  | 
Valentin 02/03/13 09:42 PM (GMT)
Very good quality for the price
  • M3 earphones are really good.

    Even though bass aren't very punchy, the sound is clear is neutral. M3 is one of the best IEM with a detailled sound and a warm signature in this price range.

    You can drive it easily (no need for an amp if you have a good player) with a Cowon J3, Sansa with Rockbox ...

    For the build quality, i would say that these earphones are very resistant. I used them for 2 years, carrying the earphones in my jean and they only broke today (without taking care of them a lot).

    Finally, I will only say that I think they are one of the best earphones in this price range.
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