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BRAINWAVZ Alpha IEM Earphones

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The BRAINWAVZ Alpha earphones provide soothing, bassy, high-quality audio at a price-to-performance ratio you'll hardly find anywhere else. At the ultra affordable price level the BRAINWAVZ Alpha sit at, the superb bass and generally high-quality sound, paired with the simple, stylish look... well you won't find it anywhere else. Though the Alpha earphones sit below the other earphones in the BRAINWAVZ line-up, they are ideal for those looking for good sound while on an extreme budget.


  • "Very mid and bass centric, fun and more personal sound." - In Ear Matters


  • Deep, full bass
  • Ultra affordable
  • Sleek and stylish


  • Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 8mm, CCAW Drive units
  • Rated Impedance: 20ohms ± 15%
  • Sensitivity: 110 ± 2dB at 1KHz 1mW 20upa
  • Frequency range: 15 ~ 28000Hz
  • Distortion: <= 2% 94dB (20upa)
  • Channel balance: <= 3dB (at 1000Hz)
  • Rated input power: 10mW
  • Maximum input power: 30mW
  • Plug: 3.5mm 24kgilt stereo plug
  • Cable length: 1m
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions (Packaging): 145 x 100 x 5mm
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Gross Weight: 19g

*Included Accessories:

  • 3 x Pairs of ear tips (S/M/L)
  • 1 x Cable clamp

*The included accessories with the BRAINWAVZ Alpha can change at any time, as can the outer packaging design. The photographs of the packaging, and the list of included accessories, may not necessarily reflect what your package will look like or the accessories you will receive if the manufacturer decide to make a change. We will, however, do our best to keep this page up to date.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer BRAINWAVZ




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Muhd AmirulFikri Verified Buyer 28/07/12 03:20 AM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
Very nice full sound for a low priced IEM
  • I have owned Creative EP630 and Soundmagic PL18 before having these pairs. Brainwavz Alpha sounds better than those two in my taste.
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Henrik Verified Buyer 09/12/13 06:36 PM (GMT)
  • more than 2 year(s)
Alpha bang for your bucks
  • They produce a really nice sound. Clear but also enough bass for comfortable listening to house and techno. It's a really nice design and they won't break down fast. Used them over a year now.
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bottomcoughs 08/05/12 01:35 AM (GMT)
Good earphones for the price
  • I've owned one of these for about a year now. These are entry-level Brainwavz IEMs and it is priced accordingly when compared to the other models.

    I'd consider these to be IEMs for rough use and the ones where you would go through 2-3 pairs a year. The packaging is very basic but it comes with a lot of tips for you to try on.

    SQ-wise, it's good but not great for something in the $15-$20 price bracket. Like many of its competitors, it is heavy on bass and light on detail. Don't get me wrong because I'm comparing them to pricier IEMs, but you do get what you pay for.

    So if you're looking for cheap IEMs and love heavy bass, these are for you. Otherwise, check out the pricier Brainwavz models.
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Denis 08/11/12 12:58 PM (GMT)
Great for it price and even better
  • I have bought over 10 pairs for myself and my friends! Headphones are excellent and justify the price by 100%. In contrast to the armature, the sound is balanced, although less detailed. As far as I know, only one broke. My live more than a year and feel good. The only thing I replaced the tips on a more hard from noname earphones. You can also use the ear hooks (from PL50).
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BamboszeK 08/12/12 10:18 AM (GMT)
Best budget IEM
  • Very fun and warm sound. Sounds amazing with mobile phone, they do not need additional amp. In my opinion they sound best in metal and electronic music, for jazz or classical i prefer my BW Beta.
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sobriety 09/07/12 04:26 AM (GMT)
Excellent Budget IEM
  • I bought this for my friend since she always on budget and never believe how good the sound an earphone can produce. However, she was impressed! It has good bass and clear mid and high as compared to her stock earphone.

    After few months of usage and well burned in, she is enjoying every minutes and let see if she will venture for better earphone soon.
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Patricio 14/10/12 02:06 AM (GMT)
Great for the price
  • I got these bundled with a Tablet.

    I used them right after my M1 died. The sound was bad at first, but found out later that they REALLY need the burn in process, after some time they sound great.

    Compared to the M1 there's not a huge difference in sound, but I liked the M1 better. If you are on short budget get this all the way.

    Construction wise, the rubber in the cable is quite soft, in that point the M1 are lot better. The soft rubber make them tangle quite easy like most cheap earphones, but is not such a big con.

    These were killed by my kittens, they cut the cable in 3 different parts 3 different times, though I solder them I ended replacing the cable with the one of my M1 and they still work great.

    For the price, you cant go wrong with these.
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Pakoboy 11/09/12 11:16 PM (GMT)
Great budget iem
  • After my sennheiser CX300 broke, that i used for during exercise and other rough activities, my quest started to find a cheap iem with good sound, comfort and isolation.

    So i bought the klipsch X1, sound was okey, isolation was great but they wall very easily out of my ears and they stick out of my ears to much.
    Then i bought the meelec m6, comfort and fit where great, isolation was okey but the sound was not what i was looking for. It was to much V shaped.

    Then I came a cross the brainwavz alpha and all I can say is that I am very happy with them and that I have complete my quest. They are very comfortable, some times I have to check if they are still in my ears :P, you can wear the over the ear so they don't fall out of the ears while exercising. Isolation is good enough and the sound is very good for the price, nice bass treble is a bit lacking but cant complain at this price . The durability is also very good, I have been using them for about a half year very roughly and they still work perfectly.

    btw these are also the cheapest of all three of them.
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Items 21 to 28 of 28 total

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  2. 2
  3. 3