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Video: SODDIT – When You Walk, You Move Forward!

August 26, 2011 by Alex in Featured, Random, SODDIT with No Comments.

Strange & ODDity In Technology – welcome to SODDIT, a hopeful new regular at MP4Nation. We’ll scour the internet superstores and bring to you the intriguing, the weird, the strange, the odd, and the downright unbelievable. Please, don’t let the loose stringency of our acronym naming system turn you away. We've got just a great SODDIT post for you today, so with some minor adieu  - technology has become so advanced that we can actually move forward by moving our legs. I know! Amazing, right? OK, before you start cupping your ears, pursing your lips and squinting your eyes with a big "HUH!?", we're actually talking about this silly invention - the moving treadmill A.K.A the SpeedMobile by SpeedFit. Find out what on earth we're talking about, as well