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Brainwavz HM9 Headphones review (spoiler – they’re ace)

March 14, 2014 by Tom in Brainwavz, Review, Video with No Comments.

The fine folk at Geekanoids have got their hands on a set of Brainwavz HM9 Headphones and have posted a video review. Don't want to spoil it for you but they're digging the HM9s - check out what they say here: Brainwavz HM9 headphones review The Brainwavz HM9s are in stock on the MP4Nation store with free Fedex shipping to selected destinations.

Video: The Sony Tablet S Dissapoints Tablet-News, Which Dissapoints Us

October 26, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Sony, Tablet, Video with No Comments.

The Sony Tablet S is that 'folded magazine' shaped tablet that raised anticipation amongst many from the smooth and mysterious commercials, and general hype over it and its partner: The Sony Tablet P A.K.A the 'Clam shell'. We actually had high hopes for both of these tablets, but alas, we were left disappointed after reading Tablet-News' disappointment. See what we mean by visiting their in-depth review here, and make sure to click the play button on the lengthy and insightful video showing the Sony Tablet S after the break. Everything ado about the Sony Tablet S can be learned from this very lengthy video! via tablet-news

Video: First Glimps At Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

October 20, 2011 by Alex in Android, Android News, Video with No Comments.

Hong Kong has many great things to offer: fantastic food, scenic city scenes, excellent public transportation and the warmth of over crowding (?). One that may even top this list is the massive electronics scene. An example of this greatness is the latest version of Android - 4.0 AKA Ice Cream Sandwich - that was spotted on a smartphone at an electronics event recently held in this fine city. From what we can gather in terms of improved features from the older versions are as follows: (click after the break) Facial recognition unlock Direct Android screenshot New Gmail, calendar, contacts, app interface, widgets and photo gallery Upgraded notifications Android Beam - NFC file transfer Cloud service for photos and panorama mode for camera Virtual keys as opposed to phy

Video: Unboxing the FiiO E10, Bite Size Style

October 18, 2011 by Alex in Amp, Audio, DAC, Fiio, Video with No Comments.

We have here a quick and simple unboxing video of the FiiO E10 DAC and Headphone Amp. The video, laced with some smooth flowing beats, shows you just what to expect once you've received the lil' guy at your home, and what extras come with it. There's also a comparison of the E10 to other devices such as the FiiO E7 and even an iPhone. The nugget sized video was craftily done by YouTube member juantafanta, and definitely deserves a push from the 'like' button. Check it out now! via mp4nation/forum

Video: Smooth Gaming On The NOVO8 – Dungeon Hunter

September 27, 2011 by Alex in Ainol, Android Tablet, Tablet, Video with No Comments.

Just a quick post showing you the NOVO8's gaming capabilities of the tablet running the graphic intensive game, Dungeon Hunter - a game made to run on a Tegra 2 chip. The video shows a snippet of the NOVO8 in action, showing that it is able to play such a game pretty smoothly. Just another out of the many reasons for wanting to own such an awesome tablet! Also, feel free to join in on our on-going NOVO8 gaming discussion on our forum! via mp4nation/forum

Video: Even More Android On The HP TouchPad, Thanks To CyanogenMod 7

September 19, 2011 by Alex in Android, Android News, Android Tablet, HP, Tablet, Video with No Comments.

The HP TouchPad's steal price of $99 resulted in an tsunami of sales which put WebOS into the hands of many, but that wasn't enough, or rather WebOS wasn't enough. The people wanted more, and more they shall have. Through the skills of developers, Android started appearing on the tablet - slow but steady. We've already blogged about the progression of having the Android Touchscreen working, well now we've got more.  Find out what after the break. Thanks to the CyanogenMod 7 ROM, there's now a working Google Android Marketplace despite its slightly skewed main page due to the 9.7-inch screen of the tablet - what evs', it still works! The ROM also brings live wallpaper, and a smooth one at that - Koi fishes in a pond that ripples when touched. The video below also shows a smooth ru

Video: Hands On With the Windows 8 Tablet at BUILD 2011

September 16, 2011 by Alex in Tablet, Video, Windows Tablet with No Comments.

From leaked images to official announcement, we now have a full scope on the Windows 8 Samsung tablet, especially with this great hands on video from Slashgear that first shows us the tablet itself, and then delves into the UI of Windows 8 OS. The Windows 8 tablet was officially revealed and detailed by Microsoft at the BUILD 2011 event, showing off the tablet, its dock and the attachable keyboard, although according to the video, the online keyboard works just as well. The video itself greatly details Windows OS and what it offers. It starts off annoyingly but necessarily sped up as it goes through the physicality of the tablet, but slows to real time as it gets to the good stuff. Check out the good looking Windows 8 OS (although a tad bit laggy) from the video after the break. v

Video: The HP TouchPad Gets Touch Screen Working With Android

September 7, 2011 by Alex in Android, Android News, Android Tablet, HP, Tablet, Video with 1 Comment.

Every since the TouchDroid team managed to boot Android on the HP TouchPad, they've been hard at work to get the tablet fully functional with its new OS. Well they've taken a step closer towards that goal by enabling the touchscreen. Not only that, they've also managed to get it working with 10 point finger-touch input - a most impressive feat. Although the TouchDroid team still have their work cut out for them as there's still no confirmation on whether the tablet's other features will be compatible with Android or not, such as GPS, WiFi Radio, etc. Still, it looks like the biggest hurdles have been passed. Check out the video below showing the TouchPad's 10 point finger-touch response after the break. via ubergizmo  

Video: MP4 Nation’s Cube U15GT Video Review

September 7, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Cube, Review, Tablet, Tablet Review, Video, Video Review with No Comments.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy our video review of the latest Android tablet to be introduced to our store front - the U15GT from Cube. Just a few notes to add about the video: the U15GT is said to have a 2600mAh battery which will give it an average battery life of 3 to 4 hours with WiFi constantly on. I also found the viewing angles to not be particularly clear, but facing straight ahead, you'll all fine and dandy. Other than that, the tablet was a joy to play around with and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, entertainment tablet that is portable and easy to carry around. If this little guy tickles your fancy, head on over to its product page here!

Video: IFA 2011 – HannSpree’s HansPad SN10T4 Honeycomb Tablet makes An Appearance

September 6, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Tablet, Video with No Comments.

HannSpree brings their Achillies to the IFA 2011 event in Berlin - the HansPad SN10T4. Not normally known for high-end devices, the HansPad SN10T4 seems to be the exception. It runs Android Honeycomb and is powered by a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor - the same processing chip you'll find in other big name tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook. Find out the HansPad SN10T4's other specs after the break. The tablet also comes with a toushcreen with a resolution of 1280 x 800, a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megpaixel front camera, MicroSD card support, a MicroUSB port, an HDMI port and comes with optional LTE, all for 300 to 400 euros. A bit pricey but for the rest, not too bad until you witness the lag in the hands-on video below. If sorted, then you've got yourself a contende

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