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Evagelion edition Hi-Res Sony Walkman is surprisingly understated

April 18, 2014 by Tom in MP3, MP4, Sony with No Comments.

Sony Japan usually goes all out with illustrations, graphics and colours when they release special licensed editions of their products. The forthcoming Evangelion Walkmans, however, are discreet in their high-profile affiliation. Two hi-res audio, 64GB models are on the way, which come loaded with movies, albums and, with one, special earphones. There are two back designs to choose from: the SDAT audio player that main character Shinji Ikari uses or the NERV logo. The models are: NW-F887/EVA1, NW-F887/EVA3 and NWF887/EVA3 with special earphones. Via akihabaranews

3.9mm Cowon iAudio E3 MP3 Player for sound and health

April 12, 2014 by Tom in Cowon, MP3 with No Comments.

Released on April 18, the slim Cowon iAudio E3 portable music player has two focuses: sound and exercise. The back-to-basics player is 3.9mm thick at the slim end and weighs 20g. It supports playback of MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG and WAV files, and also has a recording function. The sound is boosted by JetEffect BBE+. Alongside the music is the G sensor accelerometer that takes in your vital stats and calculates how many calories you're burning. It's available in two colours and two sizes: 8GB (¥8900/US$87) and 16GB (¥10900/US$107). Via akihabaranews

Watch out! Portable wristband MP3 speaker bucks wearable tech trends

March 27, 2014 by Tom in Audio, MP3, Thanko with No Comments.

2014's been all about the jostle for wearable tech breakthroughs, previews and purchases, but coming quaintly out of Japan is the Thanko compact portable wristband music player that plays MP3s on your wrist, straight from a microSD card. The refreshingly low-tech device even looks the clunky part and could be the most reliable piece of wearable tech in a while. The wristband speaker costs ¥3,480 (US$35) and weighs a wrist-happy 75g. Via akihabaranews

Evangelion Sony Walkman for anime fans

March 26, 2014 by Tom in MP3, Sony with No Comments.

Sony Japan is keen on its special edition licensed models. After the recent Disney and Snoopy editions, next up will be a series based on the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion series. The high-resolution audio Walkman F may be the model adapted for Evangelion fans and pre-orders will be available from late-April. What series, franchise or tie-in would entice you to buy a special edition Walkman? Let us know on the MP4Nation forum. Via akihabaranews

Neil Young makes 128GB hi-res PonoPlayer for audiophiles

March 10, 2014 by Tom in MP3, PMP with No Comments.

Folk rocker Neil Young has had a gripe with the quality of digital music for a while. Now he's taken to Kickstarter to launch the $399 Pono player. Revealed at SXSW in Austin, TX, the PonoPlayer promises, "Master-quality digital music at the highest audio fidelity possible," to bring out the, "True emotion and detail of the music". The plan is to avoid audio compression by supporting large files that offer more detail and clarity. Onboard storage is a huge 128GB, which will story 1000-2000 high-resolution digital albums. The PonoPlayer is backed by its own store, which offers highest-resolution digital files from major labels and indies. This will work in conjunction with a desktop app. The player was developed in conjunction with Ayre Acoustics and will be available from March 15.

ECS Android tablet packs new Intel Atom Bay Trail processor

March 6, 2014 by Tom in PMP with No Comments.

Taiwanese brand ECS has revealed its ECS TA80TA1 - one of the first tablets to run on an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. The chips are part of Intel's plan to break the budget market with low-powered and inexpensive chips. The ECS tablet on display at MWC featured an 8-inch, 1280 x 800 display, a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735E quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16 GB storage, running Android 4.4.2 Jelly Bean. Other features included front and back cameras, MicroUSB, HDMI-out and a microSD slot. As ECS doesn't usually sell devices directly to consumers, this tablet may resurface with different branding. Via liliputing

The BX-33 – A Stylish Multitouch 7-Inch PMP With 1080p

August 12, 2011 by Alex in PMP with No Comments.

The BM-33 by Benss - the sister brand of Bmorn - is yet another 7-inch portable media player out there on the market, but one that is undeniably stylish. It's minimalistic metal shell gives it a fashionable yet sturdy look. Unfortunately there isn't much information about its specs, but we do know that it does 1080p video playback, supports all your common file formats such as MKV, AVI, RM, RMVB, FLV, MP4, etc. and uses a new widget system - 3.0 - that allows for customising your desktop via multitouch drag and drop. Like its specs - or lack there of - we don't yet know of its pricing or availability. Soon though we hope. More images after the break. via imp3

Chuwi Comes Out With Their T-Series PMPs Made For Entertainment

July 20, 2011 by Alex in Chuwi, MP3, MP4, PMP with No Comments.

The T-series are Chuwi's new line of portable media players, each with their own size - 4.3-, 5- and 7-inches - with their names pertaining to their sizes - T4, T5 and T7 respectively. Chuwi is no novice when it comes to making PMPs, but what sets the T-series players apart from their other players is their design for being an absolute entertainment device. Find out more after the break. They all come with what Chuwi calls 'built-in Flash apps' (not sure if this has any connection with Adobe's) that includes an array of basic game apps. The players are also able to do 720p HD video playback and supports most of your common video and audio file formats. We don't know yet what processor they use, and there's not much more on its other specs, but you can check out more pictures of th

IQQ Goes ‘NOVO’ With Their 5-Inch Android + WiFi Tabs – The M1 And M3

July 12, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, MP4, PMP, Tablet with No Comments.

China's IQQ brand are introducing their own small-sized smartPMP/Android tablet, which one could see as following in the right footsteps of Ainol and their NOVO line. These two tabs are the M1 and the M3, both of which share very similar specs. Their differences aren't very clear at the moment other than the M1 being reported to be released first, and the M3 to still have further development - so there could still be some added features to come. Click after the break for more info on the two. Specification wise, both the M1 and the M3 are powered by a Jz4760B processor, runs Android 2.2 (FroYo) OS, has WiFi connectivity and has a 5-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 800 x 480. The tablets themselves share a similar design to the NOVO tabs, and I'm sure an

Image Of The Fiio X3 Puts Things Into Perspective

July 8, 2011 by Alex in Fiio, MP3, PMP with 1 Comment.

A big thanks to MP4Nation forum member 'klw' for posting this great picture of the Fiio X3 digital audio player that compares the X3 with a Nokia and Motorola handset (not too sure on what models they are...). You can also scope out its thickness, which resembles a similar thickness to Fiio's E7 DAC and AMP. The X3 may not be the prettiest new kid on the block, however Fiio's X3 'X3' version (scroll down to see image) - now that's a head turner. Click on the source below to see larger image (scroll down to see image). via mp4nation/forum

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