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Lovely: Y!mobile and ABIT corporation Heart 401AB phone

January 21, 2015 by Tom in Other Phone, Phone with No Comments.

Y!Mobile and ABIT corporation will release a heart-shaped phone in March, just missing out on the Valentine's Day market. The novel little phone twists to answer calls, at which point it becomes a regular oblong shape for speaking and listening. In blast from the past specs, it has phone call and phone book functions - no internet, emails or even SMS. It has a 0.9-inch display and a built-in touch sensor for input. It weighs 54g, has 2 hours battery life and 160 hours standby.   Via akihabaranews

iPhone 6 Plus users, get on the WiFi or buy an unlimited data plan: Netflix has gone 1080p for you

November 15, 2014 by Tom in Other Phone, Phone with No Comments.

The size of the iPhone 6 Plus has been applauded and laughed at in equal measure. Netflix is putting that extra girth to use, however, with the announcement that Netflix 7.0 will offer 1080p video playback for the 5.5-inch phone. The update is available now on the App Store. Via techradar

Happy iOS 8 day!

September 17, 2014 by Tom in Apple, Other Phone, Phone, Software / OS with No Comments.

Apple's latest mobile OS, iOS 8 will be available sometime today, September 17th. Two days ahead of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, all Apple users will get a refresh with the latest OS, which is all about convergence with Mac OS X Yosemite and Apple Pay. For a full list of what to expect, check out the Apple iOS 8 page. Via techradar and Apple

New Street Fighter II iPhone 5 cases have special moves

August 28, 2014 by Tom in Accessories, Other, Other Phone, Phone with No Comments.

20-odd years on, if you still have trouble remembering the combo for a Shoryuken or Hadoken, these new Street Fighter II iPhone cases from Japan might just be what you need. The cases feature the classic image of the signature moves of Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li, along with a handy combo reminder along the bottom. Check out below for the full set of images. They're by the Fujumoto Dengyo Corporation and cost 2,300 yen (US $22). Via akihabaranews

iOS 8 beta round-up – what to expect in the fall

August 8, 2014 by Tom in Apple, Other Phone, Phone, Software / OS with No Comments.

Pocket-lint has complied a comprehensive guide to the changes made in iOS 8, which has recently been released in beta form. Changes include fine-tuned notification options, embedded Podcasts app, Family Purchases displayed in the App Store, a "Raise to Listen" option for Messages, WiFi calling for selected networks, lots of Health changes, credit card scanning for online purchases, and much more. Check out the full list here at Pocket-lint.

au by KDDO make your own smartphone kit takes AGES to make

April 9, 2014 by Tom in Other Phone with No Comments.

au by KDDI and DaAGNOSTINI Japan is going to release a new weekly magazine series that comes with a smartphone component with each issue. Subscribers will receive new parts and assembly instructions to make the phone. This DIY tech project is a huge commitment, however, as Akihabaranews has calculated that it will take 520 weeks (approx 10 years) and 1,029,410 yen (approx US$10,000). Once complete, the smartphone will boast a whopping 40 minutes of battery life and will have a 0.32MP camera. Don't rush to subscribe all at once! Via Akihabaranews

Tag Heuer debuts its solar charging

April 7, 2014 by Tom in Other Phone with No Comments.

Watch and luxury phone maker Tag Heuer has produced a solar power-charging version of its Meridiist phone. The limited edition Meridiist Infinite is the first to bring this technology to market. Developed in collaboration with Atelier Haute Communication and Sunpartner Technologies, it features Wysips Crystal Technology within the screen - and this is their key to charging with sunshine. Wysips Crystal, a transparent photovoltaic component, sits beneath the LCD screen and charges in light. The Meridiist Infinite is produced to a limited number of 1911 pieces and will be very expensive (the regular Meridiist costs £3,221). However, if it the tech lives up to its promise, there's hope it can spread to less exclusive devices. The phone it currently lives in is made from grade

The iPhone 5′s Official Announcement Takes Place At Apple HQ

September 26, 2011 by Alex in Apple, Other, Other Phone with 1 Comment.

Let it be known for all that gives a toss - the Apple iPhone 5 will be officially announced come the 4th of October. And what better place for Apple to brag and boast its own product then in their own Californian based Head Quarters in Cupertino. I walked passed the new Apple mega-store that recently opened here in Hong Kong the other day, and saw an army of Apple employees crowding around the tight queue of over-eager shoppers, clapping and cheering as each prospect client walks through the threshold and into the white abyss. From that, I can imagine a similar scene of unified vested employees, gleefully cheering and clapping the new iPhone model into the world. But less of my biased ramblings and more on the Apple news after the break. The new choice of venue for the announcemen

IPhone/Galaxy S Hybrid Or Meizu’s High End MX Smartphone? It’s The Later

September 22, 2011 by Alex in Meizu, Other, Other Phone, Phone with No Comments.

However it certainly looks like the former. The MX is Meizu's new smartphone that is so impressive it can be considered high-end, which actually takes away from the appeal of it being an 'inexpensive' china-made device. Thanks to MP4 Nation forum member, chengdude, we've got the scoop on the MX smartphone - it looks like it'll come in two models: a 16GB dual-core version that's to come on the 1st of October (the National Day holiday), and a 32GB quad-core (yup! quad-core!!) version to come later. Find out more after the break. As for what's powering these things - the dual-core version is speculated to be using Samsung's Exynos processor (Samsung Galaxy S II), however the quad-core processor remains a mystery. Kal-el perhaps!? Both versions come with a 4-inch screen with a resolut

Smartphone Market Shares – Google Takes The Lead With Apple Close Behind! Where Are The Rest?

August 23, 2011 by Alex in Android Phone, Other, Other Phone, Phone with No Comments.

According to a recent report on smartphones and who holds what within their market share (in the U.S) by market research firm, NPD Group, Inc, it's all good news for two of the better known names in the industry - Google and Apple. Things aren't looking so good for the rest however. Statistics from the report shows that Google has increased in market shares by 57.6 percent from their 33 percent of shares in Q2 2010, to 52 percent in Q2 2011. This puts Google at the top of the list, with Apple falling in at second place with their increase from last year's 22 percent to 29 percent - a 31.8 percent increase in the market share. Click after the break to read about how the other companies did. RIM, the Ontario-based company that brought us the BlackBerry did not receive as good news a

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