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Firefox OS 2.0 screens point toward more mature build

April 11, 2014 by Tom in Software / OS with No Comments.

The current incarnation of Firefox OS for mobile hasn't set the world on fire(fox) but new screens of the Firefox OS 2.0 update look promising. Simple, sleek and seemingly intuitive, mockups of the 2.0 version appeared on the Mozilla blog, which also explained new features for the update. Alongside the graphics and UI tweaks are new features such as selecting, copying and pasting text, music controls and notifications on the lock screen, a FindMyFox phone locator, Firefox account integration, smart typing input and more. Via cnet

MIUI now on tablets – Nexus 7 first adopter

March 18, 2014 by Tom in Android News, Android Tablet, Software / OS with No Comments.

The popular Android ROM MIUI is now available for tablets, and rather than a straight port, it's been designed with tablets in mind and is optimised for larger displays. Nexus 7 owners can try it out now but downloading it from the MIUI site. Let us know how it goes! Via gizchina

Cortana Announced as Microsoft’s answer to Siri

March 3, 2014 by Tom in Microsoft, Software / OS with No Comments.

"What can I help you with?" Siri's been asking this question for a while, and the answer is usually, "Nothing, I clicked you by accident." Siri's still in the novelty stage, rather than taking on a Her-style Scarlett Johansson life partner role. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced Cortana - the latest digital personal assistant, this time named after the AI character in the company's hit Halo games. Cortana is a circle that changes when its 'thinking' or speaking and it's hooked into Bing, Foursquare and other services to act like Google Now. It's not clear whether it will be onboard right away with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 but Cortana's on its way and Siri had better step up its game now there's a new AI in town. Will Microsoft's Cortana be an improvement on Siri? Disc

Video: Is Google Turning Its Back On Android For Chrome?

August 10, 2011 by Alex in Software / OS with No Comments.

With the introduction of Google's Chrome OS for tablets which was originally used in Chomebooks, the end of Android OS could be nigh. Seeing as Android Honeycomb hasn't exactly 'entertained' its blood-thirsty audience, it looks like Google might be introducing their newer champion into the ring in its place. However, champion might be a bit of an overstatement. Find out why after the break. Google Chrome is all fine and dandy as an internet browser, however as a tablet optimised operating system, it's unfortunately not (yet, anyways). The OS only works when connected to the internet which creates obvious limitations. Despite now being able to fit on smaller screens as well as work with touch input, basic tasks like playing games and writing a document will only work when connected

Mod Your NOVO5 (And VX580W) Tablet With SeaSprite’s Easy Instructions W/ Images + Cyanogen Custom Rom

July 13, 2011 by Alex in Ainol, Onda, Other, Software / OS with No Comments.

If you're a proud owner of one of Ainol's NOVO5 tablets, or any other RK2818 tablet, and you're interested in modifying the graphical user interface (GUI) on it then you're in luck. Big thanks go out to MP4Nation forum member, SeaSprite for taking the effort in putting together an easy-to-follow tutorial, complete with images.  So if you're interested in improving your NOVO5 experience, dally no further. Head on over to the forum thread found here. Click after the break for directions to the Onda VX580W mod instructions, as well as the Cyanogen custom mod. For all you Onda VX580W tablet owners, head on over to the second page from the link thread found above, and scroll down to fellow MP4Nation forum member, Knobs post after first reading SeaSprite's tutorial. That should sort yo

Video: iOS 5′s AssistiveTouch Could Replace Device Buttons… Forever?

July 12, 2011 by Alex in Apple, Other, Software / OS with No Comments.

The iPhone/iPad never had many buttons to begin with, but Apple is taking it a step even further with their AssitiveTouch feature. Discovered by the good people of 9to5Mac in the latest beta (beta 3) of iOS 5, the feature - an updated version at that - enables the user to navigate around the device like you would with buttons. Click after the break for examples of AssistiveTouch, as well as the video showing it off. Home screen, locking the device, rotating the display, adjusting the volume and even enabling multitouch gestures are all part of the AssistiveTouch useability. It may take just a few more taps than actually pushing buttons, but the whole purpose of it is to be designed for user with difficulties in accessing iOS device's buttons. Could we be seeing something s

Ainol’s Latest Firmware Update For the NOVO8 Tab – FW Version 20110627

July 5, 2011 by Alex in Ainol, Android Tablet, Other, Software / OS, Tablet with 6 Comments.

Ainol have come out with the latest firmware update for their flagship tablet, the NOVO8. The firmware version is 20110627. There's not really much on what the new FW improves on, however it you're interested, the FW download and instructions on how to re-flash your NOVO8 tablet with the latest firmware can be found after the break. Firmware 20110627 Download here (click on either of the links from the pop-up page to download the zip) Firmware 20110627 installation guide: Before starting with this, make sure you save all important files onto a backup file on another device. Also, the following upgrade can only be done via TF/MicroSD card 1. Extract the firmware package, then open it up and copy the three files to your TF/MicroSD card. 2. Insert the card into the tablet,

The Acer Iconia A500 Tab Gets Its First Custom ROM – Brings Android 3.1

June 20, 2011 by Alex in Acer, Android Tablet, Other, Software / OS, Tablet with 1 Comment.

The 10-inch Iconia A500 tab from Acer now has its very own custom ROM that brings with it Android version 3.1 as well as some other extra goodies. The software was developed by independent developers with the aim to push the Iconia A500 tab's limits - despite the fact that the software seems to be based off a custom ROM originally designed for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. And because of that, the update also has a few bugs such as the rotation lock key and the docking station not working. On the plus side, installing the custom ROM onto your Iconia 1500 tab gives it support for USB peripherals such as 3G USB Modems and USB flash storage devices, as well as Android 3.1 benefits like resizable desktop widgets and an improved recent apps menu. The custom ROM required you to root your Iconi

Video: D2K’s Review Of Roger Calver’s ‘Singularity’ Rom On The EKEN M003s

Many thanks to MP4Nation's forum moderator Dragon2Knight for posting this well presented video review showing Roger Celver's Singularity custom rom on the EKEN M003s tablet. The Singularity rom was created by fellow forum member and developer Roger Calver and has been implemented onto the EKEN M003s tablet that's powered by a VIA 8650 processor. To state just a few of the benefits this great rom brings: glitch free with little to no lag - very fast performance. Comic/Manga and eBook viewing works fantastic. Basic app games and app downloads from the marketplace runs great. Flash 10.1 videos run very smoothly and the rom even comes with a few pre-installed apps which is "nice icing" according to D2K. And that's not all of it. Watch the video review to find out what else the rom brings to

Video: Sprucing Up A Via 8650 Tablet With An Excellent Rom – The Uberoid v5 Rom

Thanks to MP4Nation forum mod Dragon2Knight for posting a video of an EKEN MOO3s tablet with its performance spruced up by the Uberdoid v5 rom. The EKEN MOO3s is a tablet that's powered by a VIA 8650 processing chip, a rather generic china based chip. Thanks to rom creator HardcoreHacker (HcH) from forum site TechKnow, the Uberoid v5 rom - or Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRID HoneycombMOD v5 - majorly boosts up the performance of the EKEN MOO3s that runs Android 2.2, giving it better video, music and eBook performance, as well as little to no lag. And that's the just start of it. Check out Dragon2Knights video showing you what benefits HCH's rom brings to the Via 8650 powered tab above, and read what he has to say about it from his original YouTube vid here. via mp4nation/forum

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