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Bluboo X550 smartphone with Mediatek Pump Express tech for fast charging

April 28, 2015 by Tom in Accessories, Hardware News, Phone with No Comments.

The Bluboo X550 smartphone will be one of the first handsets in which the Mediatek Pump Express Plus fast charge technology will debut. THe X550 features a 5300mAh battery made by US company Amprius, who have pioneered small, powerful batteries that clock in at 30% smaller than the average similar capacity competitor models. Mediatek's Pump Express and Pump Express Plus technology cuts charging time down with an integrated power management circuit and special charger. Other stats aren't known at the moment but if battery woes plague your life and you're looking for an alternative, preorder begins in May. Via gizchina

Casio EX-TR60 camera Bluetooths selfies to smartphones for HD sharing

April 27, 2015 by Tom in Accessories, Hardware News with No Comments.

The Casio EX-TR60 digital camera uses Bluetooth Smart to send snaps to smartphones for instant sharing - perfect for those who want higher definition selfies on Instagram and Facebook. It knows its audience and as such features a Selfie Pad sensor for easy 'me' pics and it has inbuilt 'Selfie Art' settings. Bluetooth Smart is a low-energy transfer system and the camera can also be controlled remotely via the smartphone. The LCD display rotates 360-degrees and it has a stand that allows all selfie angles to be covered. It has an 11.1MP sensor and comes in green, pink, violent and gold. It'll launch April 27. [gallery link="file"] Via fareastgizmos  

NailO prototype Bluetooth thumbnail trackpad

April 21, 2015 by Tom in Accessories, Hardware News, Other, Phone with No Comments.

While there's no plans to make the NailO commercially available at the moment, it's still a pretty cool new way of interacting with regular touchscreen displays. The NailO is a thumbnail sized Bluetooth trackpad developed by researchers at MIT Media Laboratory and can be used for easy scrolling. The tiny prototype features a microcontroller, Bluetooth radio and antenna, a battery and a capacitive touch sensor. There are a number of practical uses for this tech but it may have come a little late now smart watches are looking likely that they could provide a similar function. However, if this does make it out and at a nice price, it could be a nice solution for clean screens and distance navigation. Via liliputing

MediaTek gets AMD GPU – NVIDIA Shield rival on the way

April 18, 2015 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

PC graphics chip manufacturer AMD is stepping into the mobile world thanks to a deal with MediaTek in which AMD will provide a GPU for MediaTek chips, meaning the NVIDIA Shield tablet might not be the only high-end gaming tablet when the result of this partnership launches. It's expected AMD will bring its Radeon 3D technology to mobile devices. If the two major graphics cards companies get into a mobile tech war, it could spell good things for handheld gaming. Via tablet-news

10-core MediaTek processor touted for end of the year

April 17, 2015 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

Life moves fast in the world of cores. Not long ago we were welcoming in the shiny new octacore chipsets and now rumours have surfaced that suggest MediaTek will roll out a 10-core processor by the end of 2015. A Chinese analyst has suggested that the MediaTek Helio X20 chipset will have 10 cores and boast an AnTuTu benchmark score that breaks the 70,000 barrier. The current octa-core MediaTek MT-6795 chip is just over 50,000. Speculation comes from those who wonder whether it will be a "true" 10-core set in which all cores work independently and simultaneously or whether it will instead use big.LITTLE architecture that flicks between two sets of five cores. Time will tell whether 2016 will be the year of 10 cores. Via ubergizmo

Osram wants to brighten your life, starting with your display

April 17, 2015 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

Osram has announced the S32 - the entertainment sector's brightest multi-chip LED. The S32 features closely arranged LED Chips that give an extremely high luminance of 100 cd/mm². Its luminous flux tops at 15,000 lumen and it packs a 20,000 hour lifetime. As it's just been announced it's unknown as yet where the chips will end up. Via fareastgizmos

One-minute charge for smartphones is on the horizon

April 7, 2015 by Tom in Hardware News, Uncategorized with No Comments.

Scientists at Stanford University have created an aluminium graphite battery that can recharge a smartphone in one minute. While lots of battery breakthroughs are hypothetical and impractical, this new discovery could apparently be a viable replacement for the current lithium ion batteries. These new batteries are flexible, have a long life and as mentioned, are swift chargers. Via pocket-lint

New Fujitsu devices means cooler smartphones and tablets in the future

March 17, 2015 by Tom in Fujitsu, Hardware News, Uncategorized with No Comments.

Fujitsu has developed the world's first thin cooling unit designed specifically for pocket-sized devices. With each advance in processor speed, the heat increases as chips are forced to do more processes quicker than each previous processor. The Fujitsu device, which is less than 1mm thick, will hopefully quell the heat and keep all things pocket-sized things cool. The new tech was developed using technologies for stacking metal sheets and is simply explained in the diagram below. Via fareastgizmos

Dyson teams up with Sakti3 for super-strength battery life

March 17, 2015 by Tom in Hardware News, Other with No Comments.

Vacuum cleaner and bladeless fan company Dyson has joined forces with startup Sakti3 with the aim of cracking battery life problems by working on Sakti3's technology that James Dyson describes as "leaps in performance". While Sakti3 obviously has something up its sleeve, it'll probably be a while until they publicly lift the lid on their work as it's early days in the partnership. Via techradar

Archos to launch 256GB Fusion Storage Magnus tablets

March 4, 2015 by Tom in Android Tablet, Archos, Hardware News, Tablet with No Comments.

Archos will launch its Magnus series tablets later this year and they'll incorporate its new "Fusion Storage" memory. Archos' Fusion Storage virtually combines internal storage and microSD expansion, with the idea being that Android will treat it all as internal memory. Of course, with the speed of microSD transfers being slower than internal memory, Archos have some questions to answer about how this will be a smooth system. This'll appear in due course, but for now they've announced the first run of tablets that'll feature Fusion Storage. The 101 Magnus will feature 64GB of storage, while no doubt all eyes will be on the 94 Magnus, which will feature 256GB Fusion Storage. They'll run on MediaTek or Rockchip processors and will cost between £129-£249 (US$198-380). For full

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