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Tangled earphones explained! Extreme agitation in your pocket

June 15, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM, Hardware News, Other, Uncategorized with No Comments.

Tangled headphone cables are a cause of extreme agitation; they're also caused by the cord being agitated, which causes pocket tangling within seconds. A study at the University of California, titled Spontaneous Knotting of Agitated String, sheds light on the universal conundrum. Cable less than 18 inches in length is immune to spontaneous knotting. Who knew? Sadly that doesn't help, given the average earphone cable length is more than that. 59 inches produces the maximum possible probability of a swift tangle. Apple's standard earphones are 54.7 inches long - they're prime tanglers. But as far as a solution goes, little has been offered. If you've a clear pocket or a tidy bag, you're still not safe - it's just a natural reaction of "agitated" cable. If you've the patience, get

Cheap shatterproofing for all! (Sometime soon, probably)

June 8, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News, Other, Phone with No Comments.

Smash! Crack! The shattered screen of a smartphone is a sorry sight. It's also a very, very common one. Scientists at the University of Akron could provide a solution, however, with their newly developed and most importantly, cheap, shatterproof film. The shatterproof touchscreen film contains electrodes that are as transparent as the current indium tin oxide on polymer surfaces but beat them hands down for durability. They can bent more than 1000 times without breaking and can also withstand peeling. It will be inexpensive to mass produce in a roll and could be a step toward avoiding shatter sadness. Via engadget

MediaTek’s next wave of quad-core SoC chips: MT8127 with Mali450GPU

June 6, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

The new quad-core SoC (System on Chip) MediaTek processors will come equipped with the Mali 450MP4 GPU. Ready for the next wave of devices, they'll support cameras up to 13MP, 1080p video recording and playback, Miracast, NFC, H.256 video encoding, Bluetooth 4.0 and Miravision HEVC. They'll lag a little behind Intel on mobile network support as they'll not support mobile networks and will remain WiFi only but it's going to be interesting seeing what comes out powered by the MT8127. Via gizchina

Intel & Rockchip join forces for Android assault

May 31, 2014 by Tom in Android, Hardware News, Intel, Rockchip with No Comments.

Forget Apple and Beats, the newly announced partnership of Intel and Taiwanese processor giant Rockchip could be bigger news as tries to usher in a new age of Android tablets. The pair will work on SoFIA processors, which will be Android-focused and carry onboard modems. The dual-core first processor will be out this year, with quad-core 3G and LTE chips due out in 2015. While it may be weighed in Intel's favour as they try to hit their 40 million tablet goal by the end of 2014 by piggybacking Rockchip's 10 per cent share in tablet processors and good links in China, it could still spell some interesting results. Via barrons and gizchina

Japan Display develops low-power, high performance 10.1-inch 4K tablet screen

April 24, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

Tech company Japan Display has unveiled its latest innovation, a 10.1-inch LCD display that offers 2,840 x 2,160 (4K2K) pixel display for tablets at an all important low power consumption rate. The display uses low-temperature poly silicon (LTPC) technology, which the company developed a while ago and offers low power consumption, low profile and narrow dead-band features. The power usage is equivalent to that of a 10.1-inch WQXGA LCD module, despite the much higher resolution. Samples are currently being shipped. Via fareastgizmos

Next-gen AMOLED display from AU Optronics

April 12, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

We recently previewed Samsung's upcoming AMOLED screen revolution that'll deliver QHD 2560 x 1440 pixel displays but Taiwanese company AU Optronics has piped up with their own screens, which will be with us sooner than the Samsung effort. Their showcase 5.7-inch screen boasts 513 pixels-per-inch, with a 6-inch version also on the way. Via engadget

Corning slims down with new super thin capacitive touchscreens

April 5, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

Corning has saved the screen of many a device with its tough Gorilla Glass - now they've teamed up with Atmel to create a new generation of ultra-thin capacitive touchscreens. The new technology combines the idea behind Atmel's XSense flexible touch sensors with 0.4mm damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. This combo could be at the fingertips of gadget buyers and pave the way for a skinnier future for touch devices. Via ubergizmo

Nine more Intel Bay Trail-T chips announced

March 31, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News, Intel with No Comments.

Intel's Bay Trail-T processors have earned a reputation for energy-efficiency, battery life, performance and Windows and Android support. The next incarnations of the series have been announced and promise up to 16 percent faster graphics processing. Topping the bill is the Intel Atom Z3795 - a 1.6GHz quad-core processor that runs up to 2.39GHz and with GPU speeds between 311-778MHz. It also supports up to 4GB of RAM. Full detailed specs of all the new processors can be found at CPU World Via liliputing

Chinese company Allwinner ships 18 million tablet chips in four months

March 19, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

And the (All)winner is... Allwinner! The Chinese producer of low-cost ARM-based processors shipped more than 18 million tablet chips in Q4 of 2013. Research company IDC compiled the data and Allwinner's huge figure is twice that of local competitor Rockchip and three times as many as Intel let loose. For now it seems Allwinner's the winner for nice-price processors. Let's see who'll step up to take their crown. Via tablet-news

Roll up, roll up; Nokia’s making a bendy battery

March 13, 2014 by Tom in Hardware News with No Comments.

With its ribbon design, Nokia's patent for a bendy battery is pretty cool but maybe ahead of its time. Currently it's just the LG Flex phone that shows off its curves in the smartphone world, but this new tech could somewhere along the line bring in some neat new ideas in device design. If you fancy grappling with the in-depth workings of Nokia's ribbon battery tech, check out this neat run-down on androidheadlines  

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