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TWP Does It Again! Amazing Unboxing Pics Of The Brainwavz B2s (And NaNite N2)

July 4, 2011 by Alex in B2, Brainwavz, Forum Member Related, Home with 1 Comment.

Mp4Nation's forum mod The Warrior Poet has spun his magic yet again and has produced fantastic looking unboxing pictures of the Brainwavz B2s (part 1), as well as the the B2s together with the Nationite NaNite N2 (part 2). So for all you fence sitters out there, if you want a larger-than-life look at what the B2s look like then head on over to our forum site and check out TWP's pictures. You'll also be able to see the B2s sporting (medium) silicone tips as well as the Comply foam tips which are absolute eye candy - so much so that they should be mouth candy (don't eat them). Thanks for the pics TWP! via mp4nation/forum

Stellar Unboxing Picture Review Of The Fiio E11 By The Warrior Poet

June 22, 2011 by Alex in Amp, Audio, Fiio, Forum Member Related, Home with No Comments.

A big thanks to MP4Nation forum mod, The Warrior Poet for posting an unboxing picture review of the Fiio E11 with some absolutely stellar images, from received parcel all the way to the inside of the darn thing! TWP also comments on how it fairs with the Nanite N2 audio player. Check out TWPs fantastic photos of the Fiio E11 portable headphone amplifier, complete with excellent viewing angles, a size comparison to the Fiio E7 and a close up of the battery after the break, or head over to the forum post that includes TWPs comments. [gallery link="file"]

Video: D2K’s Review Of Roger Calver’s ‘Singularity’ Rom On The EKEN M003s

Many thanks to MP4Nation's forum moderator Dragon2Knight for posting this well presented video review showing Roger Celver's Singularity custom rom on the EKEN M003s tablet. The Singularity rom was created by fellow forum member and developer Roger Calver and has been implemented onto the EKEN M003s tablet that's powered by a VIA 8650 processor. To state just a few of the benefits this great rom brings: glitch free with little to no lag - very fast performance. Comic/Manga and eBook viewing works fantastic. Basic app games and app downloads from the marketplace runs great. Flash 10.1 videos run very smoothly and the rom even comes with a few pre-installed apps which is "nice icing" according to D2K. And that's not all of it. Watch the video review to find out what else the rom brings to

Video: Sprucing Up A Via 8650 Tablet With An Excellent Rom – The Uberoid v5 Rom

Thanks to MP4Nation forum mod Dragon2Knight for posting a video of an EKEN MOO3s tablet with its performance spruced up by the Uberdoid v5 rom. The EKEN MOO3s is a tablet that's powered by a VIA 8650 processing chip, a rather generic china based chip. Thanks to rom creator HardcoreHacker (HcH) from forum site TechKnow, the Uberoid v5 rom - or Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRID HoneycombMOD v5 - majorly boosts up the performance of the EKEN MOO3s that runs Android 2.2, giving it better video, music and eBook performance, as well as little to no lag. And that's the just start of it. Check out Dragon2Knights video showing you what benefits HCH's rom brings to the Via 8650 powered tab above, and read what he has to say about it from his original YouTube vid here. via mp4nation/forum

LiquidN On MP4Nation’s Forum Posts Helpfull Comparison List W/ Specs For The Topping Audio Amps

June 3, 2011 by Alex in Amp, Audio, DAC, Forum Member Related, Home, Topping with No Comments.

Have you been browsing our store for a great Topping audio amp to enhance your listening experience but have no clue which one to get? Well MP4Nation forum member LiquidN has, and has decided to do something about it. LiquidN has recently posted a list with specs that compares all the Topping audio amps we have on offer that help you understand which one best suits you. The list is up for you to download and can be found here. There have been reports of the download not working however so make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Office. Click after the break to see what Raz has to say about the Topping amps. If you're interested but unfamiliar with the Topping audio amps and what their sound signature is like: "The general signature of the topping amps is brighter highs

A Customer’s Review – The FlyTouch 3 By Weavis

May 11, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Forum Member Related, Tablet with No Comments.

Many thanks to Weavis over at for his honest and well read review of the FlyTouch 3 tablet - a 10.1-inch tab that's powered by a 1GHz Infotmic x220 processor and runs Android 2.2 OS. The FlyTouch is a large screened tablet meant for web browsing, media playback, SKYPE use and light gaming - a similar conclusion made by Weavis bar his unfortunately short battery life. "For $150 cheaper than the next best, the flytouch 3, if your prepared to ROM it, represents a good value unit. Its watchable and useable and it should easily get 6 hours out of a 6400mAh battery if you switch off all the background phone apps etc." Check out the full review here.

Upgrade Your ANDRock 7C To Android 2.2 (FroYo) – Tutorial Thanks To Kristo

April 21, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Forum Member Related, Tablet with No Comments.

Another big thanks to Kristo (who's recently done a video review of Android 2.2 (FroYo) on the ANDRock 7C) for posting up the download links to Android 2.2 (FroYo) and the RK tool file for you to be able to upgrade your ANDRock 7C AKA the Winodow N9 tablet. Special thanks go to Lionheart and Lefeudedieu for creating the firmware. As a pre-warning before you go ahead and sort your tablet out with the upgraded Android version - If something goes wrong with you tablet, mp4nation and its representatives, Kristo and anyone else that's involved with this ROM are not to be held responsible. Upgrade at your own risk! OK, now down to business - click after the break for Kristo's tutorial and links. To start off, you'll need to two following links: FroYo 2.2 image file RKtool to updat

Custom ROM Sorts Your ViaPad 7 Out

April 19, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Forum Member Related, Tablet with No Comments.

A Thanks to D2K and J@ck over at for posting up a custom ROM download that works wonders with your ViaPad 7. What the custom ROM update does is it roots the tablet, adds the full Google Marketplace, gets the tab to perform faster and allows you to get rid of the default apps. What's great about this update is that you don't need to do much to re-flash - simply download the firmware following the few easy steps onto a MicroSD card, pop it into the ViaPad 7 and off it goes. Of course, when re-flashing any device, you should always take caution and save any content worth saving first. Another thing to make sure you do when re-flashing this custom ROM is to have your ViaPad 7 plugged in to the wall charger as re-flashing may take up to 10 minutes and you wouldn't want you

Video: The ScalePad 8 – A Hands On Customer’s Review

April 18, 2011 by Alex in Android Tablet, Forum Member Related, Tablet, Video with No Comments.

D2K is at it again with his hands on review of one of our products - the ScalePad 8 - an 8-inch resistive touchscreen tablet that is powered by a Freescale IMX515 processor and runs Android 2.2 (FroYo). The review shows the tablet's user interface, performance with media playback and games and more. Easy to watch and easy to understand, it gives you a good grip on what the ScalePad 8 is like which is perfect for anyone interested in getting one. Check out the video review here! via mp4nation/forum

Tristan’s M3 & ProAlpha Brainwavz Impression

Mp4nation forum member Tristan Shiz has been kind enough to post his impressions on his pair of Brainwavz M3's and ProAlphas on MP4nation/ - even though it was way back in 2008! We've decided to mention it on our blog site as it's a great review and makes for an easy read. Tristan compares the two brainwavz IEM's with his Sennheiser CX500's and it's great to see that they've both come out on top despite their differences in quality - "I put my Cx500s back in and instantly heard the difference…..and it was not good." We know that the M3's are overall far superior than the ProAlphas, so it's nice to see one of our budget IEM's complimented in such a high manner - "Genuinely impressed with these earphones….the fact that I can replace a $115 set of earphones with a $13 pair amaz

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