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LiquidN On MP4Nation’s Forum Posts Helpfull Comparison List W/ Specs For The Topping Audio Amps

June 3, 2011 by Alex in Amp, Audio, DAC, Forum Member Related, Home, Topping with No Comments.

Have you been browsing our store for a great Topping audio amp to enhance your listening experience but have no clue which one to get? Well MP4Nation forum member LiquidN has, and has decided to do something about it. LiquidN has recently posted a list with specs that compares all the Topping audio amps we have on offer that help you understand which one best suits you. The list is up for you to download and can be found here. There have been reports of the download not working however so make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Office. Click after the break to see what Raz has to say about the Topping amps. If you're interested but unfamiliar with the Topping audio amps and what their sound signature is like: "The general signature of the topping amps is brighter highs