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Tristan’s M3 & ProAlpha Brainwavz Impression

Mp4nation forum member Tristan Shiz has been kind enough to post his impressions on his pair of Brainwavz M3's and ProAlphas on MP4nation/ - even though it was way back in 2008! We've decided to mention it on our blog site as it's a great review and makes for an easy read. Tristan compares the two brainwavz IEM's with his Sennheiser CX500's and it's great to see that they've both come out on top despite their differences in quality - "I put my Cx500s back in and instantly heard the difference…..and it was not good." We know that the M3's are overall far superior than the ProAlphas, so it's nice to see one of our budget IEM's complimented in such a high manner - "Genuinely impressed with these earphones….the fact that I can replace a $115 set of earphones with a $13 pair amaz

Basshead Showdown: M2s vs ProAlpha vs Beats By Dre Tour

Forum member and avid earphone fan Cartelps11 has done the "Basshead Showdown", a review of the Brainwavz M2 vs Brainwavz ProAlpha vs Beats by Dre Tour IEMs in what can only be described as an epic review - it may not be readily apparent now, but you'll see why when you read the full review. Click the image above to see the full review, or click here.