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Brainwavz Earphones Back On Preorder – The M2 And M3!

August 10, 2011 by Alex in Audio, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, Featured, Home, M2, M3, Special Deals with No Comments.

We've got three of our Brainwavz IEM earphones back on pre-order and ready to hit your ears with sounds of delight. The fantastically balanced M3s are now going for an easy USD$74.50, whilst the King-of-bass M2s, which may punch a hole in your head, but not your wallet, are at USD$49. Grab 'em quick at MP4 Nation as the preorder prices end within the first 2 weeks of September! M3s at USD$74.50 M2s at USD$49 Keep up to date on these Brainwavz preorders from our forum thread here.

Not To Be Forgotten, The M3s Receive A Stellar Review On

June 29, 2011 by Alex in Audio, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, M3 with No Comments.

From amidst the shadows of the recently released Brainwavz B2s, the Brainwavz M3s have stepped out and into the lime-light once again. writer Marcus has submitted a well constructed review of the M3s that detail in every aspect one can when reviewing earphones, including specifications, and accessories! Better still, each section is ranked out of 5 stars, and the best yet, the M3s received plenty (of stars)! The review is thorough, from the actual build and comfort of the unit to the individual sound frequencies: bass, mids, high. Read the full review here and find out what overall score the M3s received! "90 dollars may seem steep for a pair of headphones for some, but at this price, they are actually quite worth it. They offer much better audio quality than many other hea

Tristan’s M3 & ProAlpha Brainwavz Impression

Mp4nation forum member Tristan Shiz has been kind enough to post his impressions on his pair of Brainwavz M3's and ProAlphas on MP4nation/ - even though it was way back in 2008! We've decided to mention it on our blog site as it's a great review and makes for an easy read. Tristan compares the two brainwavz IEM's with his Sennheiser CX500's and it's great to see that they've both come out on top despite their differences in quality - "I put my Cx500s back in and instantly heard the difference…..and it was not good." We know that the M3's are overall far superior than the ProAlphas, so it's nice to see one of our budget IEM's complimented in such a high manner - "Genuinely impressed with these earphones….the fact that I can replace a $115 set of earphones with a $13 pair amaz

Brainwavz M3 & M2 Pre-order Special

Our Brainwavz M3 and M2 units are on pre-order promotion for the low prices of $74.50 and $44.50 respectively. Both of these pre-order runs will end on the 31st of March, and all orders will ship afterward. New to our M3's included accessories are 1 x Comply foam tips - some of the best around! Head on over to see our Brainwavz pre-order special!

Review: Brainwavz M3–Hard to top!

November 22, 2010 by Alex in Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, Forum Member Related, M3 with No Comments.

Supreme Nationite and MP4nation/forum veteran Set2374 has had his pair of Brainwvz M3's in deep (despite his original dislike towards in-ears) and has filled us in on their build quality and comfort, sound quality, and his overall conclusion. If you've been wondering what pair of earphones to get for Christmas, and has been highly anticipating the M3's, here's where you can find out exactly what they're like. Find Set2374's Brainwavz M3 review here. Thanks Set2374!