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Beta Version 2.0: Different Sound, Different Look

August 2, 2011 by Alex in Alpha, Audio, Beta, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, Featured, Review with 4 Comments.

If you're an old Nationite, you'll remember MP4 Nation's first Brainwavz Betas. The strikingly white set with equally striking orange tips that gave you a big sound for their worth – a bang for your buck. Well the Betas are back and this time they have got a totally new look and sound. I have been fortunate enough to burn in, listen and review the new Betas, and have compared them to their predecessor, as well as the Brainwavz Alphas – the pair regarded as the 'fun' set and have just as much bang for your buck (a different kind of bang though). I'll be writing the review and comparisons as so: a full review on look, feel, sound, specs and more on the new Betas; a brief review on the sound and specs of the old Betas; a brief review of the sound and specs of the Alphas; a comparis

Introducing The BRAINWAVZ Beta

July 27, 2011 by HS in Audio, Beta, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with 2 Comments.

BRAINWAVZ have expanded their line up with the beta, an in-ear monitor earphone characterized by its balance of sound and supreme affordability, offering tremendous bang-for-buck in the low price range segment. The BRAINWAVZ beta follows the hugely successful BRAINWAVZ alpha, offering a completely new and high quality sound unprecedented at its price point. Featuring a dynamic driver design tuned specifically for balance and accurate sound representation, the BRAINWAVZ beta injects a hint of warmth, providing you with fun and unbiased audio experience. The beta comes with 3 sizes of silicone tips as well as Comply foam tips, ensuring you’ll get a comfortable fit. The BRAINWAVZ beta will retail for US$28.50, carrying a one year limited warranty and will be available for purchas