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Anythingbutipod Gives Their 2 Cents On The Brainwavz B2s

October 27, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, Featured with No Comments. gives us their 2 cents, or rather 200 bucks worth from their in-depth review of the Brianwavz B2s that has the pair compared to myriad other earphone models. The review may have many words, one after another, but the thorough scope on what sound the B2s offer, as well as their physical attributes and comparisons to other earphones gives the reader an excellent scope on what you can expect from the them before actually trying one out for yourself. The next step is to simply buy one and try it out for real - of course! Complete with full specs, images and a pros and cons list after the conclusion, this review is worth the lengthy read! Check it out here! "The B2 are generally in the same sound category as the Phonak Audéo PFE 112 or Ortofon e-Q5, which serve as my p

And Again With Another Review! The Brainwavz B2s Are As Red Hot As Their Packaging!

October 4, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Our beloved Brainwavz B2s just found themselves on yet another review! This time they've gotten the ClieOS ( treatment which means a thorough and well opinionated description of what you'll get from the dual-balanced armature IEMs, capped with a concise verdict as to why you'd want to own a pair of Brainwavz B2s for yourself. The review also compares the B2s to their twin, the DBA-02, and without tooting our own horn (toot!), explains why the Brainwavz B2s come out on top with a 5 out of 5 rating! Oh, and the packaging... he likes the packaging! So do we!! Read the full review here. "In sum, it can be placed next to any Japanese or Western brands and doesn’t feel short of itself."

The Brainwavz B2s Are At It Again! They Sure Love Getting Reviewed!

October 3, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Here we are with yet another fantastic Brainwavz B2 review with an equally as fantastic rating! A high 4 out of 5 stars for this B2 review from The review explores how the B2s cope with different genres which is a question we get asked frequently - technical and layered music with higher frequencies rather than bass orientated tracks! The review also covers your other common earphone review categories such as packaging and unboxing as well as overall pros and cons. Click on this here link for the full review! "I was most impressed with some acoustic tracks and musical themes which really utilised the full capabilites of the professional speaker tech behind this set"

All It Takes Is A Week To Love The B2s Says Techmadeeasy Review!

September 27, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Our Brainwavz B2s have found their way onto another raving review, this time with a little more focus on their originality. The review featured on Tech made Easy delves into the physical aspects of the B2s, mentioning their tangle-free and Tim Burton-esque wires. The short and easy to read review gives you a great and concise overall review of the B2s, making it easy for new comers to grasp what to expect with these great IEMs. The review is just as much fun to read for all you Brianwavz veterans, so head on over and read the full review here!

The B2s Have Detail and Clarity – So Does This B2 Review

September 12, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

The Brainwavz B2s have yet again found there way on a raving review, and another thorough and detailed one at that. The review by tech site, ifans has the B2s at a very high overall score of 4.5 out of 5, and runs through pretty much every aspect there is on the set. With category-based scores and great images, this review will give you a clear and detailed description of what the B2s are all about - much like their sound signature! Check out the full review here! "The details and clarity on treble is astounding to say the least."

Video: Geekanoid Does A Stellar Video Unboxing Review Of The Brainwavz B2s

September 2, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, Video with No Comments.

We have another great Brainwavz review for you today. This time the Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature IEMs get their time to shine in a very well done unboxing video review by Geekanoids. The video shows you exactly what the Brainwavz B2s look like and offers from the packaging to the accessories to the individual aspects of the earphones themselves. Sound signature, quality and comparisons to other high-end earphones such as Monster Beats by Dre, and Monster Turbines are also discussed, and overall, it looks like Geekanoids are more than chuffed about the seemingly unheard of Brainwavz B2s.

Brainwavz B2s Vs Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 Review With B2s For The Win On

August 1, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Creative, Earphones IEM, Featured with No Comments.

The popular polish PC pebsite website has done an epic review comparing our Brainwavz B2s with Creative's Aurvana In-Ear3 IEMs, with the B2s coming out on top! The 9 page review is in Polish however, so a quick use of your Google translator should short that out. The extensive and thorough review includes packaging and accessories, spec list, build quality, tested playlist, sound review, a gallery, an overall summery and ratings, and with great looking images throughout. Click on this link to check out the full review yourself!

The Brainwavz B2 Makes An Appearance On The Register!

July 29, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Our beloved Brainwavz B2s have popped up on UK's leading tech site, The Register, in a review that leaves them with a high Reg rating of 85%! The review is short, neat and concise - a perfect bite-sized review for all those who have yet to find out what all the B2 buzz is about. "Featuring dual-balanced armature drivers, design to help separate the frequency range, sound is well balanced and spatial with a prominent mid-range, perfectly suited to vocals." Click on this here link to read the full review!

Brainwavz B2 Review With A Comparison To The Brainwavz M2s

July 26, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM, M2, Review with No Comments.

Here is my written review on the sounds and physical qualities of Brainwavz B2 dual-balanced armature IEMs, as well as a comparison to the Brainwavz M2 dynamic IEMs which you can read after the break. Rig: iPod Nano (2nd generation) Listened to Yeasayers, Zero 7, Sigur Ros, The Mars Volta and a little Jethro Tull for good measure Sound Pre Burn-In Out of the box, the first thing the B2s impressed upon me was the difference in detail versus my current M2 setup – the B2s were much more obvious with exceptional clarity. I heard instruments and sounds I didn't hear before within a track I had heard many times over through the M2s. There was definitely a clear and strong emphasis on the highs which allowed vocals, acoustic sounds and high frequency electronic sounds to p

The B2s Get’s Some Geeky French Love With A Raving Review On French Site Le Journal Du Geek

July 5, 2011 by Alex in Audio, B2, Brainwavz, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

We unfortunately can't read it, but we can pretty much guess that the Brainwavz B2 review posted on French tech site is a good one, especially with that nice "TOP JDG" stamp smack in the middle. If you happen to be able to read French, indulge yourself in what we can only guess to be heavy B2 derrière embrassade. Click on this link to read the full french review.

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