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Pricey Oppo PM-1 Headphones receive high praise

April 18, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Oppo with No Comments.

Gadget site TechRadar has declared the new Oppo PM-1 headphones to be "among the best headphones ever made by mankind". The cavet to this high acclaim, however, is that they sure are pricey: £1,099 (US$1,838) to be exact. Oppo's made a splash recently with its high-spec Find 7 phone and it looks like they've rolled out another winner with these headphones. Released in May, the PM-1s will come loaded with some heavy tech that reveals more about the price. Rather than using the usual moving coil drivers, they use planar magnetic driver technology, which mixes the ideas behind both dynamic and electrostatic technology. Check out the full review to decide whether you'll take their word for it and splash out.

Tonino Lamborghini Quantum earphones announced

April 18, 2014 by Tom in Earphones IEM with No Comments.

The luxury phone-making spin-off of Lamborghini cars, Tonino Lamborghini, has announced its move into audio with the angular Quantum range of earphones that aren't priced too highly. The top-range HL-01 IEMs cost £124 and come with a clothes clip to keep the Apple-friendly controls out the way during walking or sport. Mid-range set Quantum ML-01 (£82) uses Thin Film Acoustic Technology (TAFT) that promises high detail and punchy bass. Below that is the Quantum EL-01 budget set (£58) that has 10mm drivers, TAFT tech and an Android-friendly remote. The Quantum series will be released in June. Via pocket-lint

Spaced360 Bluetooth speaker gives three-corner sound

April 12, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

The new Spaced360 Bluetooth speaker is a pricey purchase and has the boardroom looks of a Cisco conference call phone but it comes through on sound. Reviewed on pocket-lint, the three-pointed speaker stands out. It's comprised of three 2-inch speakers that are finished with rubber cones and bass radiators within the solid, well-constructed metal chassis. The controls seem simple - it has a central Bluetooth pairing button, surrounded by volume controls and a mute button. The Airsound tech within compresses stereo channels to mono and then separates frequences over 200hz to replicate a surround sound feel, pushing the audio into all corners of the room. Via pocket-lint

Panasonic Bluetooth speaker doubles as a charger

April 9, 2014 by Tom in Accessories, Amp with No Comments.

Panasonic's new SC-NJ03 Bluetooth 3.0 portable wireless speaker also - incredibly handily - doubles as a smartphone charger. The 118g device has a 40mm monorail speaker and an AUX input for non-Bluetooth connection. The smart science part comes into play with the 2,200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery, which connects to smartphones to give all-important extra juice and has an impressive 18.5 hours of charge. The SC-NJ03 comes in three colours, black, white, orange, and will be available in Japan in May. Via akihabaranews

Smashing! Glass iPhone amplifier

April 5, 2014 by Tom in Amp with No Comments.

For any arty take on amplification, check out the "My Phone Amp" by professional glassblower Aric Snee. Sculptor and designer Snee handcrafts each one of the freestanding amps that amplifies sound the natural way, without wires. A "My Phone Amp" costs $325 from Snee's site. Keep your fingers crossed the delivery guy's gentle. Via gizmodo

Colourful Jabra Solemate Bluetooth speaker

April 4, 2014 by Tom in Amp with No Comments.

The second generation Jabra Solemate is out - a brightly coloured portable Bluetooth speaker that has the rests on a rubber shoe sole-style base. The first Solemate was released in 2011 and this latest incarnation features a woofer and app enhancement. The unit is reviewed in full over at pocket-lint, who say like its good battery life, quirky design and clear audio, but at £130 they decide it's too costly for a device with flimsy bass and Bluetooth 3.0 (instead of 4.0) and poor voice call connectivity. Regardless, it's an interesting looking thing so would turn heads by design, but maybe not by quality. Check out the full review here: pocket-lint

Sony MRD-HW700DS are world’s first 9.1 channel surround headphones

April 2, 2014 by Tom in Earphones IEM, Sony with No Comments.

Sony claims its new MDR-HW700DS wireless headphones are the world's first 9.1 channel surround set. They use Sony's Virtualphones Technology with the multi-channel speakers to replicate real room acoustic space. 5.1 channel headphones are common place - the MRD-HW700DS set, however, add on top two virtual surround-back and front-high speakers. WiFi connectivity is dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz and the maximum audio quality is 192kHz/24-bit uncompressed audio. They're powered by 50mm drivers and carry 12 hours of charge. Via pocket-lint

More Monster headphones action: This time with added Adidas

April 2, 2014 by Tom in Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Working their way through brand partnerships, Monster's latest boardroom match-up features three distinctive white stripes, made in collaboration with Adidas Originals. While the specs aren't too exciting, it does have a second port for sharing music and padded cushioning offers passive noise-cancellation. They are available in blue, white and black, and cost £220 (US$365). Via gizmodo

audio-technica debuts Dual Phase Push-Pull Drivers earphones

April 2, 2014 by Tom in Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Headphones maker audio-technica is releasing two models of IEMs that will debut their new "Dual Phase Push-Pull Drivers." The ATH-CKR9 and ATH-CKR10 models, released April 25, feature two 13mm dynamic driver units facing each other (hence the push-pull). This apparently offers improved sound reproduction and banishes distortion. Both models have 12? impedance, a 5?40,000Hz frequency band and weigh 16g. The difference comes in the housing: the ATH-CKR10s use high rigidity titanium and the ATH-CKR9s use an aluminium alloy. The ATH-CKR10s will cost ¥43,200 (US$417) and the ATH-CKR9s are priced at ¥32,400 (US$313). Via akihabaranews

Pioneer party on with Superior Club Sound range of headphones

March 28, 2014 by Tom in Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Another day, another set of headphones that promise to take you out of the day and land you ‘in the club’. Pioneer has grabbed this particular bull by the horns the four-model-range Superior Club Sound Series, due out in April. Since Doctor Dre MD fiddled with the public’s ears, there’s a large portion of people who put stock in booming bass over clarity and balance. Tailored to this bunch, the SE-MX9 and SM-MX7 over-ear headphones. The SE-MX9s are the daddies of the bunch, with 50mm drivers, 1,200mW input capability and three colours: bright copper (bling - pictured), bright silver or indigo. These weigh in at £249.99. The SE-MX7s have four drivers – two 40mm units for mid-range and bass each side. They also have Advanced Bass Level Control system for bringing the b

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