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Doctor X-Rays headphones to find fault – fixes them and posts full case online

July 22, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Dr Matt Skalski, a Diagnostic Imaging Resident in the radiology department of the Southern California University of Health Sciences, used his medical smarts and equipment to diagnose and repair his broken headphones. Posting details of the 'operation' online in a nice, dry medical report, Dr Skalski began with the problem: "Trauma. Headphone cord accidentally caught in floor vacuum." Finding it had lost audio to the right speaker, he took apart the cup and found no sign of damage. This is when Dr Skalski pulled out his radiology skills. An X-Ray revealed "a no-comminuted fracture of both the right speaker wires...with 4mm of proximal retraction." Internal damage. Oh dear. But wait! Dr Skalski found the exact point of the damage, so took his scalpel to the cable and got to work.

So, are they AKG? Subtley not strongpoint of AKG Y50 headphones

June 15, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

If you want everyone to know what brand your headphones are, the forthcoming AKG y50 headphones are for you. Part of the new Y series, the lightweight cans feature 40mm drivers, a 1.2 metre cable and a remote and mic combo. Also on the way is the AKG Y40 model and the wireless Bluetooth AKG Y45 BT, which have eight hours charge and earcup-mounted controls. They are expected to start at around $150 and will be available at the end of the month. Via elecronista

Tangled earphones explained! Extreme agitation in your pocket

June 15, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM, Hardware News, Other, Uncategorized with No Comments.

Tangled headphone cables are a cause of extreme agitation; they're also caused by the cord being agitated, which causes pocket tangling within seconds. A study at the University of California, titled Spontaneous Knotting of Agitated String, sheds light on the universal conundrum. Cable less than 18 inches in length is immune to spontaneous knotting. Who knew? Sadly that doesn't help, given the average earphone cable length is more than that. 59 inches produces the maximum possible probability of a swift tangle. Apple's standard earphones are 54.7 inches long - they're prime tanglers. But as far as a solution goes, little has been offered. If you've a clear pocket or a tidy bag, you're still not safe - it's just a natural reaction of "agitated" cable. If you've the patience, get

Beats by Dre go Bluetooth with Powerbeats 2 Wireless

June 15, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

The latest Beats by Dre earphones are the Powerbeats 2 Wireless - they connect wirelessly to devices but haven't discarded the past completely - they're joined together with a trusty old cable. Designed for sports use (or just tangle-free listening), the Powerbeats 2 Wireless earphones are sweat and water resistant and have six hours of battery life. That's more than enough for a workout. They also have controls on the linking cable, an improved ergonomic shape from the original Powerbeats  and come in two colour options: black and red, and white and grey. They're out this month for $199.95. Via slashgear

Audio-Tecnica SonicFuel AX headphones: many colours and phone-specific model

June 12, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

SonicFuel AX, Audio-Technica's latest headphones offerings, come in plenty of colour options and include the smartphone-ready iS model. The iS option come with a built-in microphone for calls and a cord-mounted remote for app/function control. The standard ATH-AX3 model has a 40mm driver and flat cables. The phone-ready ATH-AX1iS has a slightly smaller driver at 36mm. Check out the pic for the colour options. Both sets will be available in all colours at the end of July. Via pcquest

Stereo Aigo X85 boasts audio goodness, but which tablet has the best sound?

June 11, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Tablet with No Comments.

China's Aigo has released the X85, which is all about audio, by the looks of the promo pic. The X85 is powered by an Intel Z2580 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz, and has an 8-inch IPS display at 1280 x 800 pixels. It also comes with 1GB of RAM, 16GB storage, a 5MP camera on the back and a 2MP front-facer, WiFi capability and Android 4.2 JellyBean. They're obviously proud of their front stereo speakers but which tablet is the king of sound? Or if you're committed to audio, is a Bluetooth speaker/aux stereo the only way to go?  Let us know on the MP4Nation forum. Via tablet-news

Blue EarSonics S-EM6 earphones available for a limited time

June 11, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

The latest incarnation of the French EarSonics S-EM6 IEMs is the Blue Edition, available now. The blue design and extra Comply foam tips are the only things that distinguish these from the other S-EM6 editions, which all boast 3-way, 6-driver output (two lows, two mediums, two highs). The sensitivity is 124 dB/mW, they have a frequency response of 10 Hz - 20kHz and the impedance is 60 ohms. Via headphonelist and Earsonics

Ltd edition Nyne mountable GoldRush Royal Series Bluetooth speakers

June 10, 2014 by Tom in Amp, Audio with No Comments.

The 2014 leg of the "lifestyle event" GoldRush Rally has just ended but Nyne are bringing out the limited edition Royal Series mountable Bluetooth speakers to commemorate it. GoldRush Rally has just seen off its fifth year and involves swanky cars heading out from Las Vegas and making their way to New York via Denver, Chicago, Cleveland and Washington DC. The speakers give a good indication of the cars: they come complete with gold trim but with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 10 hours playback, hand-free calling and an adjustable mounting clip for attaching to anything from bikes and exercise machines to bath rails and pushchairs, these speakers could be pretty good. They'll be out in the autumn and will cost US$80. Via whathifi

Apple Lightning cable wages war on trusty old 3.5mm audio socket

June 7, 2014 by Tom in Apple, Audio with No Comments.

Apple is waging war on the good old-fashioned 3.5mm audio adaptor with its Lightning cable designed for headphones. The company announced at WWDC that it is going to shift audio to the Lightning adaptor, spelling Apple-only headphones and a cross-audio nightmare. The reason? "Better control over music apps." It's a vague statement, but they say having the digital and analogue connections in one cable will offer support for app-enabled headphones. With this new move, getting Lightning cable-only headphones will commit users to total brand loyalty. It's expected the new products from the newly-Apple-owned Beats by Dre will carry the cables. Via pocket-lint

Moto Stream turns any speaker into a Bluetooth argument-starter

June 5, 2014 by Tom in Accessories, Audio, Motorola, Other with No Comments.

The Motorola Moto Stream turns any speaker into a wireless Bluetooth receiver. So far, so good. The problem comes with the social aspect. Up to eight devices can connect, which means up to eight people killing the flow and squabbling when somebody kicks in the device's "heist mode", that is the modern equivalent of slamming a jukebox to skip the track. It's only US$50, so a good option for personal wireless use, regardless of the social aspect. It uses NFC and has a 300-foot roam range. Via engadget

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