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Music Fidelity MF200 headphones promise accuracy and improvements

December 20, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Musical Fidelity has released the followup to their MF100 headphones. The MF200s are all-round improvements on the first MF effort and promise to deliver an "accurate, faithful and transparent reproduction." Old components have been swapped out for "more inert help prevent reflections and standing waves" for a more natural sound. They have 40mm drivers punched from a single sheet of material for consistency, and the main unit is built from polished metal and the cups are soft-touch leather with memory foam inserts. They're out now at £229. Via whathifi

Aëdle offers personalised engraved VK-1 headphones until the end of December

December 20, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Until the end of December, pairs of the stylish VK-1 headphones from Aëdle will ship with a personalised engraving. The service costs an additional $15 but is a nice touch on a some swanky cans. The VK-1s are a swish looking set and the cost $499. Via justluxe

Strong sound: FlipsWrestling headphones sponsors Grapple at the Garden

December 17, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

We all know about the NFL Beats headphones debacle, but that's not the only sports headphones news story. FlipsWrestling is a headphones company with a particular niche: wrestling. Since 2013 it has been making headphones for heavyweights and now has a long list of wrestlers that endorse their products and have special name editions. They have a growing range of products on display here and will be among the sponsors of this year's Grapple at the Garden event in New York. What other dedicated sports headphones companies have we missed? Via flipswrestling  

Pioneer adds Premium Red to Superior Club Sound headphones range

December 15, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Pioneer Computers with No Comments.

Pioneer will release a new 'Premium Red' edition of its Superior Club Sound headphones range in January 2015. The SE-MX9-R model joins the flagship range made to Beats-matching spec, namely heavy bass and a similar look. They weigh 305g, offer 106dB output and a frequency band of 6~40,000Hz. The reds will be out at 33,000 yen (US $279). Via akihabaranews

Cowon Plenue 1 silver and gold audio players out before Christmas

December 14, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Cowon, MP3, PMP with No Comments.

Cowon will release the Plenue 1 portable media player in silver and gold editions on December 19 in Japan. The audio player supports playback of hi-res audio and has an impressive 128GB storage, expandable by up to another 128GB via microSD. It runs on a Burr-Brown DAD chip (PCM1792A DAC) and has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touch-screen display. Compatible data formats include PCM (24bit/192kHz), DXD (352.8/384kHz) and DSD128 (5.64MHz). It weighs 173g, offers eight hours playback and costs the hefty sum of 128,000 yen (US $1,075). Via akihabaranews

AIAIAI teams up with Ghostly for special edition TMA-1 headphones

December 13, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Danish headphones company AIAIAI has teamed up with hip record label Ghostly International for a sleek special edition of its TMA-1 cans. This is the latest in a line of quality pairings for AIAIAI - previous special editions include collaborations with Stones Throw records, producer Young Guru and fashion brand Carhaart. The Ghostly TMA-1s stray from the regular editions with a custom driver/cup pairing and extra attention given to the cable. These headphones have been designed deliver a full, rich sound and to give a powerful bass response, paying attention to the tonality and dynamics of the low-end. The high-end is slightly rounded off too to prevent listening fatigue. The sound's designed to be comfortable, and the cups are too. The ear pads are made from Moroccan leathe

Audio-Technica previews new SonicPro headphones ahead of CES

December 13, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Audio-Technica has previewed some of its new gear that'll be on show at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. Among the items were new SonicPro headphones models, which promise the "world's first" Push-Pull Driver system. They will release SonicSport headphones to keep up with the health kick the tech world's on. There's also going to be the SonicPro ATH-CKR10 earphones, which is the model with the Push-Pull Driver System. As well as them, there's new SonicPro ATH-MSR7 headphones, which will feature the company's True Motion Drivers; and the ATH-W1000Z headphones. Via whathifi

Big Thanko headphones amplifier doubles as a smartphone charger

December 12, 2014 by Tom in Amp, Audio with No Comments.

Thanko's latest headphones amp is a big, bulky beast but with it comes the power to charge your phone as you listen, making it a good choice for streaming music through apps such as Spotify, a notorious battery guzzler on 3G/4G. The battery component is a sizable 5,000mAh unit, which give 10 hours of amplification and can charge an iPhone 6 nearly three times over. It weighs 239g, measures 130 x 68 x 25mm and costs 34,800 yen (US $186). [gallery link="file"] Via akihabaranews

Bose and Apple kiss and make up – settlement opens gates for sales to resume

December 11, 2014 by Tom in Apple, Audio with No Comments.

The world of big-name electronics is a cut-throat one where friendships are good while they're mutually beneficial, thrown out as soon as a problem a rises, and then swiftly resumed once the issue is settled and mutual money making can resume. So it is will the short saga of Apple and Bose. Getting a product into Apple Stores is going to boost sales, so upsetting the fruity ones can have serious ramifications. Apple banished Bose products from its website and retail stores during a patent dispute and an NFL branding bias issue. The dispute is now settled, however, so rumours suggest it'll be business as usual in the world of Bose and Apple, with the site and stores restocking in time for Christmas. Both sides are no doubt smiling through gritted teeth. All part of the fu

Back to the ’90s with Jambanz slap band wearable Bluetooth speaker

December 11, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Still got your slap band? Nope, same. But you can relive the glory days of wrist slaps with added music thanks to the colourful Jambanz wearable Bluetooth speaker. The colourful novelty speakers are nice throwback gifts and are certainly more useful than their non-musical predecessors. Jambanz connect to phones and other sources via Bluetooth and come in green, orange and grey. They're out now at $30. Via engadget

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