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B&O Play develops stylish BeoPlay A2 portable aptX Bluetooth speaker

October 24, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

B&O Play, the lower-end but still good quality arm of Bang & Olufsen, is set to release its first portable Bluetooth speaker, the BeoPlay A2. The A2 is a stylish speaker that will hopefully put to rest audio quality fears as it is compatible with the new CD-quality Bluetooth audio, aptX. Displaying its portability, the A2 has a leather strap from which the device can be carried or hung. Also, there's no right way to lay it - the A2 can be used hanging, flat, or on any side. This is due to the company's mysterious "Power Response Enhancement", which sends sound around its corners, however it sits. The 180W A2 comprises a large woofer, a small tweeter and a passive bass radiator. Battery life is pipped at a ridiculous 24 hours - and even reached 30 hours at low volum

Bowers & Wilkins makes wireless Bluetooth speaker debut

October 22, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

The T7 is the first step of speaker experts Bowers & Wilkins' foray into the world of wireless audio. It's a pretty and clever Bluetooth speaker that brings a few new ideas to the party, including the honeycomb design that is apparently interlocking cell architecture that braces the cabinet and reduces vibration at loud volumes. The honeycomb cells keep at bay the bass from the twin bass radiators and the two 50mm drive unites mounted inside rigid steel frames. Battery life is an impressive 18 hours and it weighs less than 1kg. It's out 30th October for $349.99. [gallery link="file"] Via slashgear  

Brainwavz AP001 headphone amplifier available for preorder

October 22, 2014 by Tom in Amp, Audio, Brainwavz with No Comments.

The difference a headphone amp makes is huge, and Brainwavz has been churning out top notch amps for a while now. The latest is the Brainwavz AP001, a lightweight portable amp that promises powerful amplification and bass boosting without intrusive colouring or distortion of the original signal. The amp weighs 15.5g and runs on a 120mAh battery that works happily for 12 hours of continuous use. There's also a second output for dual amplification to two sets of headphones. Handily, with the preorder, a second pair of headphones is bundled with the amp, the Brainwavz Delta Earphones. Both are available now for $29.50 via the mp4nation store.  

Pioneer special edition Hello Kitty soundsystems

October 22, 2014 by Tom in Audio, Pioneer Computers with No Comments.

How best to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty? (You've been planning for months to do something, right?) Well fret no more, Pioneer is to release limited edition sound systems that incorporates old (CDs) and new (Bluetooth / iPod docking). There are two changeable faceplates on the X-SMC01KT, of which only 500 will be made. The wireless version supports NFC and features 38mm speaker driver full range speakers and a 60mmx30mm corn-style passive radiator. They'll be out in Japan November 1. Via akihabaranews

Alpine headphones go for full immersion effect

October 21, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Best know for their car audio gear, Alpine has branched out into headphones. This stylish set of cans comes with Full Frequency Immersion tech, which they say is built to simulate the effect of hearing music at a live show. They also have a bass transducer in the headband (hip hop massage, anyone?), as well as a built-in 24-bit digital-to-analogue converter (DAC). Battery life is touted to be 10 hours and it works with the Level Play iOS app via Bluetooth for customisable 5-band EQ and the strange function of scanning your music to suit your energy levels. They're out in Apollo White and Onyx Black, for $300. Via engadget

Lightweight audio-technica ATH-UN1 suede headphones

October 20, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

The new lightweight suave faux suede audio-technica headphones will be released in November. The audio-technica ATH-UN1s are designed for comfort and portability; at 58g they'll hang round your neck with ease when off duty and they'll be pleasing tactile thanks to the Ultra Suede artificial leather courtesy of Japanese company Toray. The headphones will be available in black, gold and navy, have 28mm drivers and a 20-27,000Hz frequency range. They'll be out in Japan November 14th for 9000 yen (US $84). Via akihabaranews

Apple Lightning connector compliant Onkyo Deff Sound headphone amp

October 18, 2014 by Tom in Amp, Audio with No Comments.

Onkyo's Deff Sound is to release a portable headphone amplifier that supports Apple's new Lightning Connector sound setup. The DDA-LA20RC has a multitude of options - in addition to the Lightning connector option, there's also 3.5mm jack and microUSB. It weighs 24g and plays back high-resolution audio up to 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/16bit. It'll be out in November in Japan for 16,000 yen (US $149). Via akihabaranews

Kawaii! Axcent Wear cat ear headphones success

October 12, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Berkley-based Axcent Wear took to Indiegogo to raise $250,000 and netted $247,000 within the first 24 hours. For what would appear to be a niche item, these headphones have proved mighty popular. If you were wondering what to wear to that Babymetal concert, here's your answer. Described as "glowing" and "badass", these headphones will be available in blue, red, green and purple. They pack two 40mm drivers with a 20Hz-2KHz frequency response and connect via standard 3.5mm jack or USB. The estimated retail price will be around $115 - not too shabby for LED cat action. Via crowdfunderinsider

Big Toy Story Alien USB speaker out in time for Christmas

October 9, 2014 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Toy Story fans rejoice! There's a new Toy Story-themed item out ready for Christmas. The cute aliens are immortilised in USB speaker for, in a cast that stands nearly half a metre tall. To give it its full name, the Toy Story Alien Giant Speaker contains a 77mm speaker that give a 3W output. It weighs a hefty 2kg and measures 42cm x 4cm x 22cm. It connects via USB or standard 3.5mm audio jack. It's out in Japan for 17,043 yen (US $158). Via fareastgizmos

All gone! OnePlus Silver Bullet earbuds sell out in a day

October 8, 2014 by Tom in Accessories, Audio, Earphones IEM, Other with No Comments.

The hotly anticipated OnePlus Silver Bullet earbuds went on sale in China this week and swiftly sold out. The $15 earbuds are the second pair of reasonably priced, launching alongside the Xiaomi Pistons. In addition to getting the earphone market excited, OnePlus is also working on a new phone, due out next year. Via gizchina

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