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Motorola launches two budget wireless Bluetooth headphones

July 31, 2015 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Motorola is looking to grab a slice of the wireless headphones market with the release of two new sets of headphones - a regular on-ear model and a set of sporty earphones alongside the announcement of the Moto X Style, Moto X Pure and Moto X Play phones. The on-ear headphones are the Moto Pulse (above), which use 40mm drivers for sound and have a 60-foot wireless range, along with an 18-hour battery life. They can pair with two devices at once and will cost $59.99. Next up is the Moto Surround around-the-collar earphones that look like they're aimed at the sporty market or just for those looking for a lightweight solution. They have an impressive 12-hours battery life and are sweat- and waterproof for workouts and have a big 150-foot range, as well as Multipoint connection.

Brainwavz Hengja headphones desk hanger out now

July 28, 2015 by Tom in Audio, Brainwavz with No Comments.

New from Brainwavz is the Brainwavz Hengja headphones desk hanger - a sturdy metal unit suitable for headphones of all sizes and weights. The standard set-up is the horizontal hanging style that lets it securely clip onto shelves or tables but it can also be turned to hang on vertical surfaces, depending on the user's set-up. Sitting on headphones is a major drag, as is standing up and dragging them across the room. A neat, practical solution is the way to go. The Hengja hanger is out now and costs $15 from the mp4nation store.

Mix on the go with the Braven Fuse Bluetooth portable audio mixer

July 28, 2015 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Mobile DJs and podcast makers rejoice! A wireless Bluetooth mixer is on the way from speaker makers Braven. The Braven Fuse Bluetooth portable audio mixer connects two sources - most likely phones or tablets in this case - and in turn connects to speakers. The sources can then be mixed on the fly with instant results. Alternatively it can be used for recording. It has a selection of volume and tone controls and a crossfader.The Fuse is five-inches long and packs in a 1,200 mAh battery which gives up to 12 hours use off a single charge. When it launches it's expected to cost around $100. Via liliputing

Colourful sporty LG TONE Active Bluetooth headphones out by the end of the month

July 25, 2015 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

The LG TONE Active Bluetooth headphones will launch imminently in North America and South Korea, with other countries getting them before the end of the year. Designed for sporty types, the LG TONE Active Bluetooth headset is all about durability - you can sweat hard into them and they'll shrug it off. Also on the sports specs they're wireless and light, and for storage the earbuds retract into the band to avoid accidental damage to your dangly bits. The first wave of colours with be lime, orange, blue and pink. They'll launch at $129. On your marks, get set, go! Via androidauthority

Plantronics BackBeat Sense Bluetooth headphones with classic looks

July 25, 2015 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

The new Plantronics BackBeat Sense Bluetooth headphones have a "smart sensor" that pauses playback on the source when it's disconnected to save battery. While it's not clear where you'd be heading off to wearing the headphones still without the source, but it's better than leaving it playing I guess. Elsewhere, these classic looking headphones offer 18 hours playback from 2.5 hours charge via MicroUSB, which isn't too shabby. The Advanced Class 1 Bluetooth receiver can connect to up to two devices at a range of 330 feet. A wired option is also available via the removable 3.5mm jack plug. For calls it has dual mics and controls on the earcup for taking calls, volume and track navigation. They are out now and cost $179. Via forbes

Helix earphones want to kickstart your earphones out of your pockets and onto your wrist

July 25, 2015 by Tom in Audio, Earphones IEM with No Comments.

Earphones storage is irritating, despite the best efforts of winders and smart cases - sometime bundling them up and shoving them in a pocket is the only way to make it to the bus. Worse than untangling them before you get stuck into listening is forgetting them altogether. New Kickstarter project The Helix is a set of Bluetooth earphones than neatly pack away into a bracelet / wristband, which could put an end to some of those woes. Designed by fashion company Ashley Chloe, The Helix earphones were developed by former Nokia designed Mika Nenonen and pack away into an aluminum bracelet when not in use. Charge on the headphones is just three hours and it's not known how fiddly they'll be to pack away when the real-life models emerge. Still, if it's your thing you

Own a piece of Brooklyn with the Grado GH1 headphones made from a New York tree

July 23, 2015 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Grado, the New York company that specializes in homemade headphones, has launched the GH1 headphones - a pair of cans that use wood made from maple from felled trees from the city's Sunset Park. The headphones are visually striking and will no doubt be a conversation piece. If an audio anecote floats your boat, you can start the conversation by buying a pair for $650. Via wired

Audeze Deckard Blade Runner inspired headphone amp made with BMW out now

July 23, 2015 by Tom in Amp, Audio, DAC with No Comments.

There are plenty of top-quality headphone amps out there but the Audeze Deckard has a couple of notable points that make it stand out. Namely, it's named after Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner and the case was designed by BMW Designworks. The Deckard debuted at CES in January but has this week found its way to stores. It features Class A amplification and packs in a high-performance DAC for audio up to 32-bit/284kHz. The amp has a matching set of headphones, the Audeze EL-8s, but they don't have the name of a classic sci-fi character. The controls on the front are simple switches that flick between inputs and change gain from mid, low and high. The Audeze Deckard is out now for £599 (US$930). Via whathifi

Marshall London is the amp company’s music-focussed Android phone

July 18, 2015 by Tom in Android Phone, Audio, Phone with No Comments.

Guitar amp, and more recently headphones and portable speakers company Marshall has announced its first ever smartphone - the Marshall London. The London has some pretty neat design ideas, such as the M button that'll take you straight to music and the wheel-style volume dial that recalls the classic days of the cassette/CD Walkman. For music quality Marshall has incorporated a Wolfson chipset. On the gimmick front, there's also built-in DJ software, as well as a customisable EQ. With its pure music focus, the other stats aren't quite up to scratch but they're fine for mid-range. It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset and sports a 4.7-inch IPS display. Also onboard is 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage, thankfully expandable via microSD. It'll launch with Android Lollipop a

Ultrasone high-end lightweight M headphones: first details

July 17, 2015 by Tom in Audio with No Comments.

Following on from their built-for-comfort Ultrasone 880 headphones comes the high-end and lightweight Ultrasone M cans. The new headphones from Ultrasone weigh just 146g, which makes them a good option for those looking for lightweight option. The three-tone design incorporates a steel headband, precious metal cups and leather cushions. They use S-Logic Plus technology for a natural sound by reducing sound pressure levels. They also pack in ULE technology, which - surely unnoticeably - shields electromagnetic fields not created by the headphones. Driver size, dates and price are yet to be announced, but they'll likely cost upward of $1000. [gallery link="file"] Via soundguys

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