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Gestureworks Gameplay app turns Android devices into customisable controlpads

July 29, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

Most PC games are all well and good with a keyboard and mouse combo, but some simply lose something without a gamepad (see Super Meat Boy, etc.). Combining your tablet/phone with PC is the Gestureworks Gameplay app, which turns the handheld Android devices into virtual controllers. This is a pretty nifty app, as it allows the virtual control pads to be customised to what fits you best, and further customised for specific games. The app is $15 on Steam, which is above average price for an app but much cheaper than a gamepad. The only issue we can think of is latency  - let us know if you've used one and how you got on. Via engadget

Hit game Thomas Was Alone squares up on Android

July 29, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

If you're against the anthropomorphism of animals in games, try Thomas Was Alone - an addictive platform puzzler that has a compelling and moving story about nothing but shapes. The game has been out on all platforms in increments since its 2010 release, and now it's available on Android. For a cracking story, excellent puzzles and lots of fun, Thomas Was Alone is a must-have. The award-winning indie gem is worthy of its praise and the narration tops it off nicely. It's out now at $3.99 (regular price $5.99). Via androidcommunity

Wacom Bamboo Paper app expands to Android, Amazon and Windows

July 23, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

The Wacom Bamboo Paper notebook simulator is no longer only for iOS users - it has launched on the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and Windows Store. Do you still have that stylus you bought for those heady two weeks of playing Draw Something against everybody you ever met? Dig it out and get sketching and making notes - the app is free but additional brushes, backgrounds and notebooks are all in-app purchases. The basics, however, are fine for sketching ideas.   Via pocket-lint

Use once and delete: app stats revealed

June 13, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

Localytics has looked at your app usage and noticed 20% of downloaded apps are used only once. 1.5 billion devices and 25,000 apps were used to gather the information, the results of which were a 6 percent improvement on a study conducted in 2010. Weather and social apps are the most returned to and sports apps and games are the must discarded. Games, Localytics discovered, have a nearly 50% chance of never being opened again if they're not returned to within 12 hours of downloading. These stats sound about right. With the sheer numbers of apps - and more importantly free apps - the amount tried and discarded is going to be huge. The most popular apps are doubtlessly portals for existing social websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Via tuaw

Mobile Game of the Week: VVVVVV finally out on iOS and Android

June 12, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

2010's grueling but oh-so-good platformer VVVVV is finally coming out on mobile devices today (Thursday). The controls are simple, so shouldn't be a problem on touchscreens. It's from Terry Cavanagh, who has already enjoyed a mobile hit with the terrifically addictive Super Hexagon. VVVVVV (play it to find out why it's called that) is just as addictive and hair-pullingly frustrating - but all in the best possible way. The payoff for beating a room is bliss. As simple as it looks (and to be fair, is), the story is surprisingly engaging, emotional and all-encompassing. If the mobile version doesn't float your boat, try it on your desktop. Via distractionware

SwiftKey goes free – alter your Android today

June 12, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

If you've always stuck with the standard Android keyboard, now's the time to see what else is out there for you - newly for free. SwiftKey is the top-selling keyboard app for Android and it has now shifted from being a paid app to a freemium product. This means you can get the regular SwiftKey keyboard for free and only pay if you're tempted by the add-ons. So, what are you waiting for? See what all the fuss is about. If you previously bought SwiftKey and you're feeling short changed, worry not, they're offering a free download of a $4.99 theme pack as a thanks for your early adoption. Via pocket-lint

Humble Bundle 10 for Android & PC adds Frozen Synapse and more

June 4, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

The Humble Bundle 10 for Android and PC has expanded its games list, adding the excellent turn-based tactical game Frozen Synapse, along with Little Dew and Fieldrunners. These games bulk up the already excellent list of games we reported last week and as usual, you can name your price for the lot, they're DRM-free, you can choose how much goes to charity and the developers, and you get both PC and Android versions. Check out the Humble Bundle website to purchase.

Humble Bundle for PC and Android 10 – pay what you want for $99 worth of games

May 28, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

The 10th Humble Bundle: PC and Android sale is here. This time around you can pay what you want for Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC, Galcon Legends, and if you pay more than the average (currently $4.81) you get Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunners 2, Breach and Clear, and some more games to be announced soon. You can choose how much of your amount goes to charity and the games come with Steam keys, soundtracks and DRM-free PC downloads. As with all the Humble Bundles, it's worth getting just to try them out - there are always a few gems and nice surprises. Buy now from here.  

Goal! Brazilian food chain intergrates smartphones into tray-based soccer game

May 16, 2014 by Tom in App News with No Comments.

Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas is gearing up for the 2014 World Cup, not with free Happy Meal-style toys for customers but by turning the trays into a game that can be played with any smartphone. Giraffas trays come set out as a mini soccer field with a space at the top for a smartphone to sit and act as a goal. Download the app and tear off a paper strip to act as the football and you're good to go. The Giraffas video that explains all doesn't make it look that great but as a new idea of integrating smartphones into the eating experience it's not a bad start. Via gizmodo

Popcorn Time resurfaces on Android

May 14, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

The short-lived torrent streaming applications Popcorn Time has risen from the ashes of its previously destroyed incarnation and returned to life on Android OS devices. Popcorn Time allows torrents to be streamed, making it a Netflix-style viewer for peer-to-peer shared content. Torrents have had a bad rap of late but there are plenty of free and legal content on P2P networks. That's definitely what this'll be used this for, yes. Via ubergizmo

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