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No surprises in the Android 2014 download chart – big names reign

December 15, 2014 by Tom in Android, Android News, App News with No Comments.

Google has released its "Best of" 2014 list. Those looking for insider tips and high-rated apps should look elsewhere though - this is a chart based purely on downloads. Unsurprisingly then, the top spots in each category are dominated by fairly mundane 'everyday' apps: the most downloaded social app is Facebook, Netflix was the most downloaded entertainment app and Candy Crush Saga took the top spot in games. Here's the winners of each category: Education:Duolingo (Free) Entertainment:Netflix (Free) Health & Fitness:MyFitnessPal (Free) Music:Pandora (Free) Photography:Flipagram (Free) Social:Facebook (Free) Sports:NFL Mobile (Free) Travel:TripAdvisor (Free) The most purchased movie was Frozen (the soundtrack of which also took top album). The top place bo

Oppressive fascist bureaucracy admin game Paper Please hits iOS this weekend

December 13, 2014 by Tom in App News with No Comments.

It's the weekend - fancy spending it working at a border checkpoint dealing with paperwork and terrorist threats? Perfect! Luckily the excellent Papers Please hits iOS this weekend so you can enjoy all the joys of a trodden-down worker from the comfort of your home. The PC version of the game hit the top-10 lists of plenty of publications last year. It's intense and grueling but most importantly it's loads of fun. It's a tough game to sell on description but take our word for it - it's ace. And this weekend it launches at $2 cheaper than list price at $5,99, down from $7.99. Via engadget  

Let a stranger wake you from your slumber with Wakie app

December 12, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

How does waking up every morning with a different guy or gal sound to you? New free iOS, Android and Windows phone app Wakie lets that happen safely and easily, replacing your alarm clock with a call from a willing participant somewhere in the world. Relying on the kindness of strangers is a novel way to wake but it's an interesting enough prospect to at least try. The app only allows up to a minute of chat, so things won't get awkward, but there's also a message board so if you take a shine to your stranger you can reach out publicly on there. Whatever it takes to shake you from your slumber. Reckon you'll use it? It's interesting enough to try, we reckon, so we're going to give it a go and report back on the MP4Nation forum. Try it yourself and let us know how you got on.

VR unit Google Cardboard is still alive in Google’s eyes

December 11, 2014 by Tom in Accessories, App News, Hardware News with No Comments.

What seemed like a daft gimmick, the makeshift VR unit Google Cardboard is still being taken seriously by Google itself, meaning us consumers can still get some cheap VR antics on the go for the foreseeable future. Google continues "working to improve" Cardboard and has launched a dedicated collection page on Google Play for Cardboard apps. App highlights include a Paul McCartney concert and a trip to Middle Earth. Developers are also encouraged to get involved, with a new Cardboard software development kit (SDK) released for Android and Unity. 2015 will also see a viewer calibration tool for developers and no doubt a fresh batch of apps. Via techradar

Microsoft Next Lock Screen for Android is an all-in-one info centre

December 9, 2014 by Tom in Android, Android News, App News, Microsoft with No Comments.

Microsoft Garage has updated its Next Lock Screen for Android. The latest version of the app is the most complete to date. It displays weather info, allows users to show or hide the system status bar, select home wallpaper as the lock background and displays in a user-friendly way all calls and notifications. The app is available now on the Google Play Store and can be used on any device running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich onward. Via slashgear

Playstation Sixaxis controller support comes to Android – game away!

December 2, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

Tablet gamepads are commonplace these days but there's sometimes nothing nicer than being able to pick up something already in the house and put it to a new use. Enter Sixaxis Controller for Android. This hooks up a Dualshock 3 PS3 controller with Android, an extra boon for anyone that's upgraded to a PS4 and still has the trusty old Dualshock 3 pads lying around. The process isn't as straight-forward as downloading and pairing but it's simple enough and detailed clearly here, which also contains download links. Happy gaming! Via androidhvgames

Guitarists can now plug into Android devices with iRig HD-A

November 12, 2014 by Tom in Accessories, Android, App News, Audio with No Comments.

The iRig has been a staple of iOS guitar interfacing and now the axe-wielding community can rock out on Android too. The iRig is a plug-and-play gadget that uses the digital AmpliTube amplifier and effects simulator software for a quick fix of fretboard fiddling. It uses a 24-bit 48kHz analogue to digital convertor and costs $100. Via engadget

Microsoft Office for Android official on the Google Play Store

November 8, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

That old chestnut Microsoft Office has made its way to the Android, following a number of stages of beta testing. With this, Office is now available everywhere. There's be the old favourites Word, PowerPoint and Excel and while it doesn't require an Office 365 subscription, subscribers can enjoy the unlimited OneDrive storage and Dropbox integration for documents. Via androidcommunity

Want to make Android apps? Google’s made a guide for you

November 8, 2014 by Tom in Android, App News with No Comments.

Google has released an official guide on coding Android apps. While it's not about coding - you'll have to figure that out for yourself - the guide focuses on publishing on Google Play, along with a run-through of Google's guidelines and policies and how to get your app noticed and monetised. The 80-page pdf is free online but if you're more old-school in your reading habits, some printed booklets are also available. Via ubergizmo

Get your dev kit for Google Android 5.0 Lollipop and where to run it first

October 20, 2014 by Tom in Android, Android News, App News with No Comments.

Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop will be out in a few weeks - in the meantime get to work on your app idea in time for the launch with the Lollipop developer kit and test releases. Elsewhere, slashgear has chalked up a list of the first devices that will feature the new OS. These include the new batch of Nexus tablets, a host of Motorola produces, including the Moto X and Moto G, and a huge list of Sony Xperia devices. Via engadget and slashgear

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