September 20, 2011 |

Headfonia Review Of FiiO’s Newest USB DAC Headphone Amplifier – The E10

FiiO’s line-up of Amp/DACs has just been increased by one with the introduction of their USB DAC/Amp – the E10. And what better way to learn all about a new product then to read a thorough review on it which we’ve got right here, thanks to What’s great about this review is not only does it give you a good scope on what to expect from the E10 from first impressions to technicality from its hardware, it also compares the E10 to other Amp devices, discusses music genres and even delves into headphone pairing! Oh, and not to forget the great images – there are some great looking images of the E10. Check out what we mean by reading the full review here.

“this thing sounds good. Amazingly good in fact, despite the fact that I just finished the ALO Continental amplifier review less than 24 hours ago. Full mids, good bass, spacious open sound, unoffensive treble. Things are sounding very, very good, and Iā€™m happily nodding my head to the beats of the music.”

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