September 15, 2011 |

Another Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver Hyprid – The Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

These babies are rare – a driver hybrid of balanced armature and dynamic. We’ve come across one before with the AKG K3003, and now we’ve spotted another – the SuperDarts by Atomic Floyd. With such rarity only comparible to finding a Pokemon Mew card, it’s a wonder as to why Atomic Floyd have chosen not to feature them on their official website. These expensive bad boys – they cost a high USD$415 – are actually an upgraded model of Atomic Floyd’s MiniDart IEM series, and comes in the usual Atomic Floyd metallic housing and bold red colour. The SuperDarts are also only currently available in Japan, but should hopefully be darting out of there and into other countries. That would really be… super.

via inearmatters

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