August 10, 2011 |

Video: Is Google Turning Its Back On Android For Chrome?

With the introduction of Google’s Chrome OS for tablets which was originally used in Chomebooks, the end of Android OS could be nigh. Seeing as Android Honeycomb hasn’t exactly ‘entertained’ its blood-thirsty audience, it looks like Google might be introducing their newer champion into the ring in its place. However, champion might be a bit of an overstatement. Find out why after the break.

Google Chrome is all fine and dandy as an internet browser, however as a tablet optimised operating system, it’s unfortunately not (yet, anyways). The OS only works when connected to the internet which creates obvious limitations. Despite now being able to fit on smaller screens as well as work with touch input, basic tasks like playing games and writing a document will only work when connected.

Is Google planning on replacing Android with Chrome, or perhaps the new Ice Cream Sandwich will bear the best of both? One thing we do know is that if Google are planning on turning their attention to build up their Chrome OS for the tablet, they might want to do something about that internet-connection-only accessibility. Check out the video showing Google Chrome in the work below.

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