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Android 3.2 Is Now Out And Heading Towards Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer

A Twitter update by Asus revealed the latest Android version – 3.2 – to be hitting their Eee Pad Transformer tomorrow (29th). However, and there’s always a however, not all Eee Pad owners will be getting the update at the same time. Find out why after the break.

Asus Germany put their notice on another social network – Facebook – saying how they will be pushing their Android 3.2 update onto their Transformer owners wirelessly by August the 2nd. What does the 3.2 update bring to the tablet that already endorses 3.1? Not much other than better graphic support for a few apps designed for a smartphone, and a few other minor upgrades. The main point of an Android 3.2 upgrade is that it can run on 7-inch tablets with lower resolution screens, however if you’re already a Transformer owner then that doesn’t really apply, now does it? A bonus for Asus owners is that the company is planning on bundling their own minor update together with the Android update: multitouch gestures on the touchpad of the optional keyboard dock for the Transformer.

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  1. Ronald Swager says:

    Just got my 3.2 update and it broke all my video players. With 3.1 I could play videos from the microSd card. With 3.2 that functionality is broken!!

    Anybody have any ideas why??

  2. Alex says:

    Oh! I’m sorry to hear that! It may be that you need to install a later version of the player that’s compatible with 3.2?

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