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Ainol’s Latest Firmware Update For the NOVO8 Tab – FW Version 20110627

Ainol have come out with the latest firmware update for their flagship tablet, the NOVO8. The firmware version is 20110627. There’s not really much on what the new FW improves on, however it you’re interested, the FW download and instructions on how to re-flash your NOVO8 tablet with the latest firmware can be found after the break.

Firmware 20110627 Download here (click on either of the links from the pop-up page to download the zip)

Firmware 20110627 installation guide:

Before starting with this, make sure you save all important files onto a backup file on another device.
Also, the following upgrade can only be done via TF/MicroSD card

1. Extract the firmware package, then open it up and copy the three files to your TF/MicroSD card.
2. Insert the card into the tablet, then hold down the volume button, then plug the tablet with its DC charger until it boots up – boot to safe mode.
3. Press through the volume button to select “wipe data/factory reset” option, then press back button to confirm. Choose “confirm wipe of all user data?”. Press volume button again to to select “Yes-delete all user data”. Press Back button to confirm that.
4. Press volume button again to select the “wipe cache partition” option. Push back button to confirm.
5. Press volume button again to select the “wipe media partition” option. Push back button to confirm. Choose “confirm wipe media data?”. Press volume button again to to select “Yes-delete all user data”. Press Back button to confirm that.
6. Press volume button to select “apply SDcard: update.zip” option. Press back button to confirm the upgrade.
7. Press volume button to select “reboot system now”. Press back button to confirm. Your tablet should shut down and restart itself up – the update will have been successful.

There’s also some kind of repair/image recovery ROM to be installed after the 0627 FW update, however I unfortunately cannot quite make out what it does, nor make sense of the installation guide. If anyone else is able to, I’d very much appreciate the help! The original link to the ROM download page can be found on the Ainol.com site > Support page > post titled (translated) “NOVO8 leading version of the card, tools and repair procedures (repair after the 0627 version of the firmware)”

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  1. Phil says:

    i did the update and now the whole thing is in chinese… help please…

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Phil, sorry to hear that. All you’ll need to do is find where the language settings is and change it to English. You should be able to find where it is by watching any other Android tablet review vid that shows the settings menu. Or try ten down from the main settings list, then the first in that file – that should be ‘Select Language”

  3. Ahmed says:

    Hello, I received an Ainol novo8 8 inch tablet this month with android ver.2.2.1 kernel ver. 2.6.34 v0520_13_809_D5_CHTJ_A38. My build ver. V0520.13-C_CH@20110627. Hopefully the tablet came with the latest version of firmware which is 20110627 (if I am not wrong). But I want to know whether this will support USB Bluetooth adapter dongle as it has no built-in Bluetooth? If yes then which Bluetooth version? Please help me with detail even the answer is negative.

  4. Chris B says:

    Hi just purchased Ainol novo 8 in China, they changed the language settings to English but when you go into the advance settings its still in Chinese ? is this a glitch in the os ?
    Any advice would be great !

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