June 13, 2011 |

Gemei’s Pocket Sized Android + WiFi Player – The HD8900 PRO

First there was the smart PMP – media players that would support Android OS but no connectivity, rendering them practically neutered in that aspect. Then came the revolution of the smart PMP with WiFi – an Android player with all the free range internet connectivity can offer. We have one of these devices in our very own web-store – the Ainol NOVO5. We’ve now spotted another 5-inch player of the same ilk – Gemei’s HD8900 PRO – the successor to Gemei’s HD8900 PMP. It is, as mentioned, a 5-inch player that sports Android OS (of what version we have yet to find out) and comes with WiFi connectivity. It has a resolution of 800 x 480, does HD video playback, has 256MB of RAM and supports HDMI out. Gemei are also boasting that it has a long lasting battery life – possibly the same 5-hours the HD8900 boasted. We also don’t know what processor it uses, if it dual boots a standard MP4 OS like most WiFi wielding smart PMPs, nor if its HD video playback is also 1080p like its predecessor, but all in all, it’s good to see that Gemei haven’t forgotten about the old HD8900 player who finally got its upgrade. Check out more images after the break.

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