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Disassembling the Telepad 7C: Getting To The Heart

Let’s take a look inside the Telepad 7C, a 7-inch Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet powered by Telechips’ newest offering, the TCC8803 processor. Based on ARM Cortex-A8 architecture, the TCC8803 has marked Telechips’ return to form after their classic ARM11-based TTC8902 started to show its age roughly a year ago. Where the older 8902 chip moaned and groaned at even the slightest exertion, the 8803 has proved young and sprightly, boasting an improved feature set and far snappier response times. Enough chit chat, let’s get down to gutting the Telepad 7C, courtesy of PBPAI. In this gutting, a generic, differently branded version of the Telepad 7C is dissected, but it’s got the exact same internals as the model we stock.

Removing the back cover with a little persuasion reveals this:

We’re looking at quite a large battery as well as PCB, actually. We’ve seen smaller PCBs in tablets before. The addition of the speaker on the far right of the tablet limits the battery’s size. Removing that would mean you could fit in a larger battery, and it is interesting to note that the speaker is valued over topped up battery life, especially when we consider that these cheap tablet speakers are usually fairly inept at reproducing any kind of quality sound.

The PCB is screwed down, while the battery is stuck with adhesive that’s quite strong. It’s no walk in the park getting the battery out cleanly.

Splayed out. The battery and PCB seem to be comparable sizes. The battery connections are soldered directly onto the PCB.

The battery: 3350mAh, 3.7v.

Getting up close and personal:

  • Red: The Telechips TCC8803 – where the magic happens, the heart of the Telepad 7C.
  • Blue: Micron 29F32G08CBABA 4GB flash memory (for internal storage).
  • Green: Samsung K4B2G1646C-HCK0 RAM chips (2 x 256MB for 612MB total RAM).
  • Pink: Atheros AR6102S-BM2D (WiFi chip, 802.11b/g).

Here we see that the CPU, RAM, flash memory and WiFi chips are all soldered onto a small PCB which is then soldered onto a larger one that makes up the internal organs of the Telepad 7C. It’s an interesting method, and not one we’ve seen employed much before in previous tablet disassemblies. Presumably the small PCB can be bought as a single unit, and you then figure out the rest of the PCB peripherals (such as camera, Bluetooth, etc.).

And that wraps up getting to the heart of the Telepad 7C. You can see more disassembly images, as well as the various peripheral components here.

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