May 20, 2011 |

Nationite Nanite N2 Gets Recommended On Polish Tech Site!

Whilst going through our daily routine of spinning our *illustrious globe, dropping a finger on a country and scouring where we’ll next go on holiday what tech sites they have, we stumbled across a Polish site – – that had posted a recommendation of our Nationite Nanite N2! The recommendation was on a thread summarizing different audio players, titled “Summery of the Ear”. The N2′s performance came as a surprise to the reviewers, and was rewarded the recommendation for its ability to sync well with the earphones they tested it with, its “very decent” BBE sound equalizer and that it has a really good “game”… although surely they meant ‘name’ because… come on, Nanite N2 is an awesome name. Check out the N2 recommendation as well as the full summery from the via source below – you may want to translate it before hand, unless you can read Polish. *We sadly own no such globe.


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