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SODDIT – The Sucker Stand

Strange & ODDity In Technology – welcome to SODDIT, a hopeful new regular at MP4Nation. We’ll scour the internet superstores and bring to you the intriguing, the weird, the strange, the odd, and the downright unbelievable. Please, don’t let the loose stringency of our acronym naming system turn you away.

This week in SODDIT we look at The Sucker Stand, a stand for your smartphone and other assorted devices. Stands are an oft-overlooked accessory for your phone, especially if the phone has video call capability. Why hold it when you can get a stand to do it for you? It’s a principle that resonates at the human frequency, appealing to our tendency toward laziness with the same potency as food appeals to a starving dog.  But before we get started, we just need to give a shout out to whoever owns the set of hands imaged above: epic fingernails.

The Sucker Stand stand is an interesting concept, unabashedly blending the idea of smartphone function with toilet bowl emergency. When the plunger is required, you know that something has gone wrong. It’s a moment of sheer terror and heart-gripping panic. The realisation that evacuated components of your digestive system have managed to clog plumbing that was designed to handle anything the human body can throw at it is deeply embarrassing and at the same time a little pleasing in a vain kind of way.

Application seems relatively simple. Press on phone surface, squeeze out air, negative pressure has the plunger clinging to your phone like a snail on a wall. The plunger stand evidently works on more than just a phone, with compatibility confirmed for a calculator, but it’ll probably work on e-book readers and other light-weight devices. The manufacturer of the Sucker Stand also saw fit to provide exmaples of how not to use it, presumably as protection against lawsuits filed by those occupying the lower echelons of intelligence.

Tip #1: Don’t attempt to use this to unclog a toilet. Not only will you not succeed, but the hygiene implications are horrific. Tip #2: Don’t attempt to use this as a head stand? Don’t plunge your forehead in general? We can’t really be sure what the second warning is all about. It may be the case that plunging your forehead is a great health risk that we don’t actually know about, because nobody really does it. I think that’s it.

The Sucker Stand really is a winning product, providing that it doesn’t rip the back cover off your phone when you try to remove it. It’s funny, practical and easy to use. It conjures up thoughts of the toilet humour variety which is always a great way to lighten the mood. In fact, we can’t think of any drawbacks at all. If you’re looking for a phone stand that looks a little bit different, and is a pretty effective conversation starter (for that colleague you’ve been eyeing for the past fortnight) then look no further than the Sucker Stand. You really can’t go wrong with it.

Is he on the bog?

Get your very own Sucker Stand here.

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  1. James says:

    I guess “Sucker Stand” sounds a lot better than “Mini Toilet Plunger Stand”


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