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Onda VX580W Sports 2.2 – Is This RK2818 Too?

The Onda VX580W looks to supersede the VX580R, and it boasts Android 2.2, something the 2.1-wielding “R” revision lacked. Curiously, though, Onda have not yet revealed the full specs of the VX580W, though they have hinted at the same hardware configuration as the VX580R – the same RK2818 processor. Though the RK2818 processor typically indicates Eclair, a whole wave of official releases and firmwares recently have the Rockchip processor moving to Froyo (2.2) which is a nice step forward. As we’ve said before, the code has been cracked and 2.1 is no longer the ceiling, but the ground floor of a two story building. WiFi is also present meaning this isn’t a “Smart PMP’. RK2818 means 720p HD video playback across a wide range of file types, as well as generally stable Android implementation. Typically RK2818 pads also have quite good 3G USB dongle support, but nowhere is mention made of USB HOST capability, so that’s still up in the air. It looks to be a 7-inch model, likely with a resistive touchscreen.

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  2. Ballerina says:

    This is the one that I would go for for. With it’s built in microphone and speaker, and the Android operating system, it can probably be used for Skype if you have a Wi Fi hotspot.

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