March 25, 2011 |

Goodies From Teclast – The T59 And X19HD

We’ve got two treats courtesy of Teclast for you today – the T51′s successor: the T59, and the X19HD.The teaser image of the T59 shows that it will come with quite a few changes from the T51 we know so well. Straight off the bat we can see that the T59 comes with several hardware buttons (we’re hoping there’s a lock switch to prevent all those pocket-plays) as opposed to the T51′s single buttons and focus on it’s touchscreen UI. Whether or not the T59 will come with a similar UI, we don’t yet know. We can also see that the shell, in fact, the overall design seems to be very much different and almost thicker – something we wouldn’t expect from a follow-up device. With no official specs or other info released yet, we can only assume that the T59 will surpass the legendary T51 (legendary as an audio player of supreme sound quality which contradicts it’s affordable price tag) as it is hailed as its successor. The image also indicates a DC port, a line out port and a (head) phone port – interesting as most players don’t offer an additional line out. We’re really hoping for more information to come of this player soon. Click after the break for the X19HD.

The Teclast X19HD looks pretty sleek and neat, and since it’s a Teclast made player, we’re sure it’ll have great sound quality. Like the T59, there’s not really any specs revealed on the X19HD yet, but we’re looking forward to hearing what chip it uses as well as its other specs. We do know that it’s sold for around 299 CNY, which like most Teclast players is not much at all for a player that we’re assuming offers high quality audio playback.

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