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Fiio E15 A “Desktop” DAC? Also, 192k/24bit

There has been wild speculation on what Fiio’s next USB DAC will be (and whatever will be the successor to the E7 pictured above) – at first it was thought that the E17 was being worked on, but recently a Fiio rep on the Head-Fi forums revealed some information:

We had decided to develop E15 first, and them we can move the same DAC converter, 96k/24bit converter and some other technology  into E17, it can decrease the risk of R/D and save some time. btw, E15 is more like a desktop E17 because some people ask us to develop such model.

“[...] E15 will support below decoder.

USB: 96K/24Bit

Digital input ( coaxial and optical): 192K/24Bit

Line in: RCA.”

via head-fi

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