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Colorfly’s Newest MP3 Player: Pocket HiFi CK4


Deceptive looking, isn’t it? Would fool anyone into thinking it was an MP4 (ie. video) player, but make no mistake – the Colorfly CK4 is an audio player only, and one that looks to target audio enthusiasts more so than the casual iPod crowd. The CK4 lacks a lot of the aesthetic pizazz of its higher-end counterpart, the Colorfly C4. It is still a 24/192 capable player, using the same Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip as the C4 flagship model, so you’re looking at excellent sound processing quality. In fact, it seems the CK4 holds many of the same internals as the C4 -the same amp chip, as well as coming in either 8GB or 16GB flavours. The CK4, though, seems  a much safer and less unique from a design standpoint, and that actually diminishes it as a player – and that is reflected in its price point, scheduled to cost around 1000 Yuan, over two thirds cheaper than the C4. If you want a no-nonsense, quality MP3 player that doesn’t attract attention, you couldn’t really go wrong with this. If you are interested in how the CS4398 DAC chip sounds, be sure to check out this comparison on Head-Fi.


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  1. Ben says:

    I have both the C4 and the CK4. The CK4 does not in any way come close to my C4, the build quality is crap, loads of firmware? glitches, the L/O is not that good either. No S/PDIF etc. etc. Still, I guess for the money some might be tempted. Think I’ll put mine on eBay and stick with the C4, it’s superb and although much more expensive well worth the money.

  2. Paul says:

    Yes, I agree. Not so great sounding as the C4 but it does play video. Aimed more at the younger, mass market buyers I guess. They are welcome to it.

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