February 8, 2011 |

Beware Abuse Of Google’s Updated Android Market?


The unthinkable has happened! Well, it’s not really unthinkable, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Google’s web-based Android Market allows you to purchase or select an app online to be installed across all of your devices – after the purchase or selection, no additional checks are made! It’s only as long as you’re logged into to your Google account on your Android devices. So, the big question is: What if somebody else installs an app onto your device? Of course, this is dependent on them getting access to your Google account, but if they did, they could abuse your credit card if you’ve saved the information; they could install key-logging software and gain access to nearly all your important information; they could set the wallpaper on your phone to a photograph of themselves just to watch your reaction as you realise it’s that weird colleague who eats lunch by himself and smells funny… the point is that perhaps there need to be more security checks on the Android devices – something along the lines of “the app Weird Colleague has been purchased on your Google Account – would you like to install it on this device? If you did not purchase this app, then your account may be compromised and you should probably go speak to that weird colleague of yours.” It’s all laughs and giggles until somebody gets hurt…

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