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ARM Announce New Cortex-R5/R7 Processors


ARM have announced their new Cortex-R5 and Cortex-R7 MPCore processors, extending their range of “Unmatched Real-Time Cortex Processor[s]” for use in 4G (LTE, not WiMax) mobile baseband technology markets, mass storage, automotive and industrial markets. How will we see this translate to what we know as the current consumer tablet and smartphone markets?: “While the Cortex-A processors can be found in mainstream consumer products such as cell phones and tablet devices, the Cortex-R chips are meant for deeply-embedded and system-on-a-chip duties.” (Geek.com) In other words, we may not see the benefits of the R5 and R7 processors in the mobile markets and tablet markets any time soon. However, the two processors will better help the next generation of smartphones and tablets “take better advantage of increasing mobile broadband speeds.” (PCWorld) The Cortex-R family essentially sits between the modem and the application processor, managing and feeding data from one to the other – which is why any benefit which the consumer tablet and smartphone market may feel will be delayed, with ARM setting their sights on the next generation. More on the R5 and R7 after the break.

The R5 all but retires the R4, boasting an expanded feature set which includes “higher levels of system performance, increased efficiency and reliability, and enhanced error management in dependable real-time systems. These system-level features include a high priority Low-Latency Peripheral Port (LLPP) for fast peripheral reads and writes, and an Accelerator Coherency Port (ACP) providing cache coherency for increased data transfer efficiency and more reliable firmware.” (ARM)

The R7 will trump the R5: “The Cortex-R7 processor greatly extends the performance levels of the Cortex-R series beyond any existing capabilities through the introduction of new technology, including out-of-order execution, dynamic register renaming combined with improved branch prediction, superscalar execution and faster hardware support for divide, floating point and other functions.” (ARM)

The R5 is already shipping to ARM partners, while the R7 will go out in Q3 of this year.


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  1. James says:

    The R4 is ARMv7 and it looks like the R5/R7 will be ARMv7 also.

  2. HS says:

    That’s correct, they will be.

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