November 2, 2010 |

IPod Nano-Clones Hit The Market


These bite-sized PMPs are iPod Nano clones, coming with 1.5-inch and 1.8-inch touchscreens! That’s right… touchscreens. Perhaps they are made for ages 12 and under, those with nimble fingers… or perhaps you’re supposed to use a stylus as thick as a needle. The seeming lack of navigation buttons also leads us to believe that these are touchscreen only…  which could drive those with stubby fingers nuts… so probably not meant for the Western markets! The small device (screen resolution is likely to be 320×240) has also got a speaker and a card reader… the latter seemingly being a full on SD card reader rather than microSD. The belt clip is a nice touch, and the colours are bound to appeal to the easily distracted, but make no mistake – this PMP is much better suited as an audio player than a video player, and not just for lack of screen size. If we are to speculate on what this will be powered by, it will likely be an older Action chipset… older being the operative word.  It will likely only be able to playback videos the resolution of its screen… not that higher resolutions would help.

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