October 15, 2010 |

Introducing the Brainwavz M3 IEM Earphones


Today i am proud to introduce our Brainwavz M3, the fifth Brainwavz model to be released. The M3 is able to accurately replicate sound, provide clear and crisp vocals with a bass that is refreshing, making the overall audio quality sound delicious to your delicate ears.

The design of the M3 is quite different, to be honest there maybe some who will not enjoy how the M3 fit in their ears and for some it may take getting used to, i was in the latter of the two categories. However those who like to wear their earphones in an over the ear fashion will enjoy how the design of the buds quite a lot, but they also sit well and comfortably in a non over the ear fashion. The M3 come with the same high quality silver cabling as the M1 and M2.

The Brainwavz M3 is not a cheap pair of earphones, its pricing makes it currently our most expensive model, but still cheaper than its China brethren, which retails in China for over USD$100. It took us quite awhile to get this model into production, mainly due to the factories reluctance to float the M3 much price lower than what they sell it in the China market. We think the M3 could certainly retail for over $100, they can compete with other big name earphones at that price range, but like our other Brainwavz models we want to offer it at a price that you can walk away knowing you got a good deal for the money you paid.

The bottom line is that if you have enjoyed the M1 or M2 (or both), the M3 is another step up in audio quality, you won’t be disappointed with what you hear.

The Brainwavz M3 will come with a 1 year swap for new warranty, should anything go wrong with the unit, you only need to send the earphones and we will send back a brand new unit sealed retail unit to you.

Accessories: S/M/L Silicone tips, S/M/L Foam tips, shirt clip, over the ear gliders and carrying case.

Driver units                        10.7mm (CCAW Drive units)
Rated impedance                 20?+/-10%(Rated impedance)
Sensitivity                          ?115dB (at1000Hz 1mW 20upa)
Frequency                          20-20,000Hz
Distortion                          ?0.5% 94dB (20?pa)
Channel Balance                 ?2dB (at1000Hz)
Maximum Input power         40mW
Plug size                            3.5mm 5? 24Kgilt stereo plug
Cord length                        1.3M Y-cord (Cu/Ag) PUR

Retail price: USD$89.50
Prorder price: USD$79.50

Get one today!

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  2. Kadano says:

    OMG I just received my M2s and they’re so amazing, it’s hard to imagine how good these are going to be.
    Maybe I should’ve waited a little and spent 30$ more … but it’s hard to be disappointed with such an excellent sound in my ears d(^.^)b

  3. Gamecheater says:

    Need anyone to test it? I could use it for a month, write my opinion, post it everywhere I can find, and then send the headphones back.

  4. stan says:

    Wonder how is thje tremble? I bought the M2. Felt that though the bass is good the treble seem to be a bit low. General feeling is the the music (pop) heard, the pitch is a bit and the music not not clear. Really like to see what others compare M2 with M3.

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