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Nationite S:Flo2 – An Audiophile’s Musings

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First a bit of background. Though I am not active on mp4nation’s forums, I am a member of the Head-Fi community and a bit of a portable audio nut. Unlike a fair portion of mp4nation’s patronage, then, I only care about sound. I’ve been through my share of portable players in the past – a pair of Cowons, a half-dozen different iPods, all three Meelectronics players, a Gigabeat F, and the venerable HiSoundAudio AMP3. In the end I’ve always come back to my trusty Sansas – an aging Fuze and an even older Clip – due to the robustness of both the original firmware and rockbox, abundance of vital features, general ease of use, and the line out on my Fuze, which is perfect for hooking up a potable amp. The Sansas have their share of problems – uncompressed Flac files can be choppy, battery life has fallen well below 8 hours on both, and the 8gb base memory on the Fuze isn’t quite cutting it for lossless files, even with a 16gb microSDHC expansion.
Enter the S:Flo2, garnering huge amounts of praise on Head-Fi and elsewhere right from the beginning. I don’t care much (or at all) for touchscreens, games, video capabilities, or other gimmicks. But the hardware volume pot and dedicated line out, as well as 16gb of base memory with microSD support and a very attractive price tag, sold me on the S:Flo almost immediately. Fast forward a month and a half and I had my shiny 2nd-batch S:Flo in hand.

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