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Chuwi MID – Telechip based & More pitcures, doesn’t look too bad


Chuwi has released more images of their upcoming MID, the W3000. The initial images of the MID didn’t exactly make it look like a stunner, but the real images look strikingly more impressive than the renderings. The W3000, which will run on WinCE 5.0, will have wifi and possibly GPS and bluetooth, the touch screen size is still unconfirmed. What makes the W3000 really stand out from the rest of the current WinCE MID’s coming out of China is that this will be running on the South Korean Telechips ARM processor.


The Telechips 7901 that is being used on the W3000 is touted as a dual core ARM microproccesor with a built in DSP. The processor is being claimed to be better for this type of MID as its geared towards better performance for audio and video playback, while also being designed to handle Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB OTG. The rest of the images show that the player will have the standard WinCE UI.

No word on release date nor pricing, however we will certainly be looking to get our hands on a sample, checkout the rest of the images below.

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