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Chuwi M70 Plus gives all other players screen envy – review


As far as MP4 players go, it would be an understatement to say that the M70 Plus was a big player, its an absolute monster of a player, its the first player that i have ever held that felt awkward for it to be held with only one hand, that’s right, you’re going to need to hold it with both your hands.

Chuwi basically used their previous M70 player design (which ran on the RK2806 chip) and rebuilt in the internal hardware around the CC1600 media chip.  Just like most current CC1600 players, it has the same abilities and features, even the same UI layout.  However the biggest selling point for this player is its screen, not only is it large, but it has a resolution of 800 x 480.

Build quality:


The actual case of the player is hardly what would be called high class, in fact its pretty simple and overall the finishing just doesn’t feel great, at least the back. The buttons are very clickly and plastic, the front is protected by a plastic screen. Overall not the best, but the good side is that that overall body is small and compact. Many similar players that are coming out with 7.0″ screens have a much larger body, adding to the already large screen (like the Onda VX797). The player isn’t very thick and due to the light weight of the body material, the overall player weight isn’t that heavy (considering its size.

Screen quality:


The screen, as expected, is the best part of the player, its large, crisp and images look vibrant and alive on the 800 x 480 LTPS screen. Viewing angles are all good, except when look from the bottom up and the best viewing angle is looking directly straight at the screen, which works well as the player can stand on its own without any stand.

Video and audio Playback:


The CC1600 chip allows for high resolution video playback, upto 1280 x 720, depending on the video format and encoding, you can achieve a full 30fps playback on videos even in the max 1280 x 720 resolution.  If you have any videos in lower resolution you will find the playback especially smooth, just like watching on a TV. The audio quality is also very good, the player has a Cirrus Logic DAC, giving for solid audio quality, sadly there aren’t any EQ options with the current firmware.

Other features:

The player also has a pretty good eBook feature, the TV out quality, although advertised as HD, is not HD quality, but none the less if better than what has previously seen on MP4 players. The M70 also comes with a remote control, which on a player on this size can be of good use.

Final thoughts:

The M70 Plus is really just a big video player, it not very portable, so people looking to purchase this item should keep in mind its size and its lack of portability. Now for those that want to keep a large screen video player in their car, for traveling or just as an extra screen for video playing on their desk, then this is would work well for those intended uses. This is certainly not a player for general audio use, in fact its probably not recommend for anything more than video viewing (which it does very well).

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