July 20, 2008 |

New Oppo Player in the works – built for Gaming

The above image from Oppo show conceptual designs for three possible designs for a new Oppo player, unlike previous Oppo players that have stuck to audio and video playback, this player seems intended for more of a gaming use.

Oppo has always been known for their high end players with their own custom built UIs, their latest line of players, SMART, tend to use the new RK2706 chip by Rockchip, this new player design could be indicative of RK2706 chips having game emulation support. It has long been speculated that the new generation media chips from Rockchip and Ingenics would support 8/16/32bit gaming, it was only recently that the first Ingenic media chip player has GBA support, this new Oppo player could be the first Rockchip player to have a such emulation also.  Oppo has used ADI Blackfin chips to power their players, so don’t be too surprised if this -player ens up with the new generation Blackfin, much like the SmartQ T5-II.

The three designs are nothing new and have long been seen in mobile phones and many other devices, of them all, we do agree the second design does look the most interesting of them all.

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