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About Us

Since 2006 MP4 Nation has been delivering quality media players from Hong Kong to customers located all around the world. We're enthusiast that are interested in alternative media players that are being developed within China. Most people outside of China have never heard of the players we carry, but many are amazed at how well they can perform and how many times they can out perform the bigger brand name media players in both audio and video quality. Our expertise makes us a unique establishment, there are very few that know Chinese media players better than we do.

Located in busy Hong Kong, we have been responsible for helping making popular many Chinese brands to the western world. MP4 Nation is not just a shop, it's a community too. Our forums are the largest and most active community (non China user orientated) to discuss these type of media players. Not only does our large forum offer many interesting discussion and topics, but it has become one of the best resources on the internet for support and help on these type of media player. We are always around to help when we can, be it to a person that has bought from us or bought a player from elsewhere.

We have continued to grow since 2006 and have expanded into carrying quality earphones and many other audio accessories, we continue to find interesting audio products made within the China market and bring them out to the rest of the world.

You can also enjoy a select range of our product available locally within USA an UK at our storefronts at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (with shipping to 23 EU countries) respectively.